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Friday, July 16, 2010

Have a great Weekend.....Hmmmmmmm

Is there really such a thing as a weekend on the farm?  I tell everyone "Have a great weekend!" as my ending tag on a Friday Facebook chat and now Blog post, but here at our house, one day just seems to blend into another.  

Have you ever answered one of those question thingies that asks "What is your favorite day?"  I just sit in front of the computer and stare off as my brain tries to figure out this newest puzzle.  Back in the day, I would have said Friday and Saturday in a heart beat, and Sunday was a mixed bag of nuts because I usually had laundry and essays starring at me.  The nice part about those Sundays was I would usually head out to my mom and dad's to do laundry, help with the Sunday meal, clip coupons with Mom (and split a beer while doing it), and then get ready to watch the Bears or Cubbies.  Those were fun times unless the essay pile was terribly high or our teams were not playing well!

On the farm, every day comes with chores, especially if you raise livestock.  Before Tall Guy and I got married, I made him promise me he would take me away from Indiana for at least one week, and that didn't count all the trips to Illinois for parts!  He has made good on that promise every spring, and then we spoiled each other by adding another get away right after the fair and before school to Hilton Head, SC.  We have visited that lovely island for the last three years, but this year we are not going, and I think it is starting to make me sad.  We do have a ton of things going on right now.  Besides the general farm stuff, our fair starts next week, school starts the 13th, and our sun room and garage are starting to take shape.  These two rooms will be a great addition to our home, and I will post more on that soon.  I think I am just missing our Great Escape from home to a place where Tink, Bear, and I can have Tall Guy all to ourselves.  There is our mini-vacation to Raccoon Lake coming up, and that will be fun with all of Tall Guy's family there, so we will go splash in the water there and pretend the waves come from the moon and earth's pull on each other instead of the guy with the big Evinrude motor. 

So get out there and have a great weekend!  We will try to make ours a memorable one too after picking up all the "stuff" Mother Nature decided to blow around us after yesterday's storms.  Tink and Bear may be on Pick Up duty as soon as breakfast is over!


  1. We are pretty much on our own, so there's no getting away for hubby. I'm going to a family wedding in chicago and he's staying home. :(

  2. I understand what you mean about getting away...I hope the Racoon Lake excursion revitalizes you and your crew. Your blog certainly is enjoyable to read. Let me know if you find the red tractor photos.



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