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Friday, July 23, 2010

Itchy Walk!

This one is short and sweet. HELP! I have so many mosquito bites! I don't wear perfume, I spray with Off. What am I doing wrong? How do you stop these things from itching? I have always been very allergic to these bites, so that means they turn in to huge red welts that burn, ache, and ITCH! DANG! I'm currently using hydro-cortisone cream and topical Benedryl.

Off to the fair! (this is where I am currently being attacked!) Taking the kids to Tall Guy's mom's. Heat index is to be over 100, and I just don't think they need to be out there until evening.

Hopefully I can hop around next Friday. Have fun everyone!


  1. I have the same problems with mosquito bites. When I do get bit, I use Sting Eze which I can only find at Walmart. It really works. I would try to find something like this homemade remedy as I've heard it works. http://www.motherearthnews.com/Natural-Health/2006-05-01/Natural-Mosquito-Repellent.aspx

    Keep us posted on Twitter on what you find works :) Good luck!

  2. My cousin just told me about a device that attaches to your belt that keeps mosquitos away. I don't remember the name, but I think she got it at WalMart. She swears by it, saying it's the only thing that's worked for her. Hope you find the solution.

  3. Hi! New follower here...that clip on thing is from Off...my daughter loves it, too. You can clip in on your purse, bag, belt or even just lay it on the table. :)

  4. avons skin so soft works good (but slimmy) hair spay for poison ivy

  5. I always wondered if those belt thingies worked... Good to know!

  6. ah! i am bug bit up too! if i'm outside for more then 30 seconds at night i get 10+ bites. they are always so itchy and huge and red. it's almost unbearable!it must be a genetic thing b/c gma said it happens to her as well. anyways thought i would say i feel your pain.

  7. I dare you to put a band-aid on every bite to keep from itching them;)



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