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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walkin' and Fishin' at the Fair

Whew! Dang, I am one tired pup! Tall Guy is still at the fair doing Lord only knows whatever a fair board member does later at night. This fair board member called it a night, jumped in her van, jumped in the house, jumped in the shower, and am now trying to unwind.

We have had a great fair, with a couple crazy moments along the way like every other fair I am sure. It has also been VERY hot. Today, though, Tall Guy took off his fair board shirt and wore his SWCD shirt for our newest event at the county fair: a fishing derby! How fun!?!? We had fifty little fisherpeople out with their parents. I hid out there too, and we had a family moment with my folks joining on the fun and then whisking the girls away to spend a couple nights with them. Tomorrow is our big meal, a fish fry, so it is best that Tink and Bear are safely away from all the chaos that goes on behind the scenes of a county fair meal! No, none of the fish caught tonight will make it in to the frying pan for tomorrow's meal. They all went back into the pond to be caught another day....uhm.... that is unless the snapping turtles get to them first! Here are some pics from the fishing event.

The girls also caught real fish, bluegills, but they were little ones, about 5 inches long. The winners were 6 & 7 inches long. Not big by any means but a great time was had by all, and isn't that what county fairs are all about?


  1. How fun! Sounds like you had a lot of participation. Fish fry... yum!

  2. Very cool! We don't have fishing at our fair!

  3. I like the ides of fishing for the kids at the fair. My husband has been on the County fair board for 40 years. He loves the fairs. Last year he went on the State Fair Board. It sure is year round.

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