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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walking with the Band and Dreaded Mosquitoes

Well, I don't have any pictures from last night, but the Chris Cagle concert was a great one! The opening band was good too. The singer kind of cracked me up when he referred to the cornfield directly behind him as being beautiful. It's ours and had the heck beat out of it about a month ago when a storm carrying softball-sized hail made its way through the area. Our field just saw the beginning of said storm, so we had more green snap and small sized hail damage making it look kind of raggedy. Here is a link to what the crops down the road looked like! We were glad ours was still standing!....any who.... I digress. Dang!

My fun job was to drive some of Chris' band members up the road to a hotel where they could shower and get read for the show. Chatty Cathy here told them everything they did and probably didn't want to know about the county and windmills. I dropped them off, ran over to Mc-y D's for an iced mocha because I was already a bit tired, and then went back to the hotel to wait on the boys.

I told them to hustle or they would miss supper, in a joking, Mom-like tone, but as I sat out listening to my Cubbies sink their own ship in the top of the 12th (DANG!), I realized that in all the information I spouted on the way up, I forgot one very important detail. In crossing the county line north of us, we had left EST and gone into CST and gained a hour. DANG! They were supposed to be back by 6:00; it WAS 6:00, but the clocks in the room would be telling them they had another hour! Dang! For anyone who loved the show West Wing, there was a whole episode dedicated to this time mix up!

I went in to the hotel, tried to call their room, woke up the driver and decided to share my info with him, which he was glad to know, but my three band members were already on their phones, so up I tromped to knock on their doors. Nathan, later to be also known as the fiddle player, answered by peaking around the door. I told him the time dilemma, it registered, and I went down to let them scoot their boots. 40 minutes later, down they came (too funny I thought).

After the concert, came the dreaded picking up of cans/cups/trash (WHY CAN'T PEOPLE THROW THEIR OWN TRASH AWAY?????) and the folding, carrying, and stacking of about 1000 chairs, or that's how many it seemed! That's when the mosquitoes joined the party, and I found my usual spot on their top five list of yummy foods to bite! I would show you my wounds, but they are too icky for public viewing. There is this thing on Facebook going around about wishing these pests would suck out fat instead of blood! Would that were true!

So here I am, unable to sleep from last night's fun craziness and many bites, and a full day of fair ahead of me. Tink is having her hair braided at 12:30, and then we will probably head to the fairgrounds soon after so I can check on my peeps at the Commercial Tent and start my announcing gig until it is time to be Mommy of a Little Miss Benton County Fair Contestant. You all have a great day out there today!


  1. Sounds like a fun night, even if it was exhausting!!!

  2. Fun, fun! My hubby used to be a concert "runner" in college.



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