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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Walking with the Hollyhock Lady

Hollyhocks remind me of my Grandma Phyllis.  I am sure I will tell you more stories about her as time goes on, but I cannot walk by a hollyhock without thinking of her and her ladies.  She would always make me a hollyhock lady, several with different colored flowing skirts and headdresses.  And now..... I am passing this memory on to my girls.  Bear brought two flowers in to me to make a doll.  Here's to you Grandma...........I know you are smiling down at me the girls you would have loved to know!

 First, pick two flowers, one not yet in full bloom and one opened. Try, on the opened flower, to have a longer stem than the one Bear gave me to work with! ;-)
Next, you need to remover the stem from the partial closed flower and hollow out an opening with a paring knife.
Push the "head" on to the "body," and Ta Da!

And here she is in her very own spotlight dance.

Miss you Grandma!


  1. That is so sweet!! I have always loved hollyhocks. My aunt used to raise them outside the milkhouse, so they had something to lean against, and were on the south side of the building. I've never had any success with them. Now I'm inspired to try again next year!

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning!

  2. How beautiful! We had some come up near the OLD turkey buildings and I have some seeds from my great grandpa's place. I love them!

  3. Never heard of hollyhocks before! do you always have to use the same kind of flower or can you do it with different kind of flowers aswell?
    It looks very sweet and loving...

  4. Leontien, I have never tried making the doll with other flowers. The blooming flower has to be sturdy enough to support the top flower, but have that rather delicate stem to attach to the "head" part. Let me know if you find one that can do it! I didn't do a Google link for hollyhocks, but you can find out more about them going that route.

  5. I remember making hollyhock dolls with my grandma many years ago...thanks for reviving that memory!



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