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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walking with My Four-Legged "Furend"

My brain is still a bit sloggy from all the fair fun, and I am having one of those time periods where we 40-something women go without much sleep. The "M" word is such a fun experience.....NOT! I managed to grab some of Mcy D's Iced coffee yesterday, but did I mention that we don't have one of those in my county? Just ONE Subway! May have to go for the instant coffee!

What I really should do is go for a walk with my good "furend" Sadie. She loves me so much! Dang! Some mornings she even seems happier to see me than the girls and Tall Guy ;-) I just have to smile when she jumps in circles and wants to play. She was almost called Shade Tree. That's what Tink and Bear decided on when we brought her home about a year ago. I was sitting in the front seat of the van, thinking to myself, " Oh Lordy, I cannot have a dog named Shade Tree," so I tried redirecting their thinking as only mommies can do: "Shade Tree is a pretty long name... can we shorten it a bit?" The two put their long-haired heads together and came up with "Shady." Not bad, but I had already come up with Sadie, so I threw it out there, and they liked it. Her full name is Sadie Daisy Cloud. Perhaps she is of Indian dog descent? She also had some Blue Tick Healer and Border Collie in her, but mostly she is made up of love and energy.

Sadie is my dog. Oh, she loves the girls, and has even made nice with Tall Guy (she was abandoned and was none too fond of men for a long time). She went out with me every morning and night this winter when I fed the cows and the wood burning stove (just call me Laura Ingalls Wilder!), and she has walked every mile in my journey back to good health and fitness. We look much better than we did a year ago!

So maybe it is time for me to get my walking shoes on and hit the road with Sadie. I know she is just on the other side of the door waiting on me...... what a furend!

I had to throw in these last two pictures because the snow looks so nice and refreshing right now! Hope you have a furend like Sadie to make you smile and give that wonderful unconditional love we all need at times.


  1. Sadie DOES make me smile! Isn't it amazing how these creatures love us and make our lives happier!

  2. what a cute dog. i think naming her shade tree would have been fun, but shady is nice as well.

  3. I'm following you back but wait, the M word happens IN our 40's? I thought it was 50's. Oh my gosh!!!!! Could be any day then!

  4. I would be lost without McDonald's and their sweet tea. I'm sorry you don't have one in your county.

    Love the pictures!

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for coming by and following my blog the other day. What a sweet dog. Makes me want one! For now, I have to settle for our parakeet, who is not very snuggle-able.


  6. Keep writing and keep walking, friend. I really enjoy your blog. :)



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