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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wordless Thursday?????

Dang! I cannot come up with a worthy topic for today. I was always so good at helping my students eliminate the blank page syndrome, but this one keeps looking right back at me.... blankly...dang! Ok, let's see...back in my high school English teaching days, I would tell my kids (the term I usually called them; heck that's what they were!)... START A LIST

1. Need to get more serious about losing those last 25-30 pounds.
2. Have got to reconcile all the check books in my life. There are three floating around here, and some days that is three too many for this letters girl who is not so fond of numbers.
3. 30th high school reunion coming up in about two weeks..... what the heck am I going to wear to that?
4. Girls start school in about two weeks. Do I have all their "stuff" ready to go? Has Tink and/or Bear grown an inch this summer?
5. Going on a mini vacation soon....what food should I take? (It's a family gathering with Tall Guy's side, and everyone pitches in)
6. Wondering when I will get to use my new garage and sun room. Wonder when the two doors they need to cut will be done, and where the heck am I going to put all the stuff against those walls.

DANG! I see what is going on here. Sorry peeps, but I need to go for a walk and then stay off the computer today so I can get a ton of work done. It's all starting to pile up, and that is apparently why I can't be creative. Sometimes creativity has to yield to reality. I have a feeling that if I get on here to work in the Quicken program, I will probably check in. My will power really is non-existent at times.

Have a great day! Hopefully tomorrow will see some major addition on my "Done" list and lots of scratched off items on the "Do" list! I leave you with a picture of Pumpkin, our cat, whose life I envy on occasion!


  1. Pumpkin is like our cats - they've got it made!! Someone always has food and fresh water for them, they get to sleep anywhere they want as long as it's not where the dogs would kill them - and someone flushes the 'toilet' after them.

    Good luck with your DO list. Hope all the items on the list quickly move over to the DONE side. :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by...
    I completely relate to the whole get off the computer and get stuff done syndrome. I've been suffering since school let out for the summer (we let out about 2 weeks later than your girls). Good luck with it though.
    And, my cat, also named Pumpkin pretty much looks like that all day long too. :)



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