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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walking and Talking Seriously

I am usually pretty darned laid back and fun (ok, don't ask my girls if this is true tonight!), but I am putting on my serious hat for this blog and sharing 1.)a post from a new blog friend of mine and 2.) some very sad news:
This blog post talks about about the livestock industry and all those cows you have been seeing in my pictures. They are actually steers and heifers, and they bring a source of income to our farm and nutrition to your table. Even we do not eat meat EVERY meal, but I am very protective of my right to eat meat when I want to and your right to be able to afford to eat this meat too if it is your choice. I also love my veggies and fruit, but we raise beef, along with corn and beans, and those who try to take this part of our livelihood away from us, I do take issue with. The Human Society of the Untied States (HSUS) is NOT about puppies, kittens and their welfare. I love my dog and cat, Dang! I am a HUGE animal lover, but our cows are not pets. We treat them well, give them healthy food to eat, pastures to graze, but they are out there to make themselves ready for market. HSUS wants us to stop all livestock farming and basically make the United States a vegan society. I believe what you choose to prepare and feed your families is totally up to you. I choose to feed my family a variety of food including fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, pork, and beef.

Please take the time to learn more about the real HSUS. Here is a link to a great website that serves as a watchdog for this organization: Humane Watch

Support your local animal shelters with DIRECT contributions; less than ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of donations given to HSUS makes it to these shelters. I want to thank those of you who support farm families with your choices at the supermarket, farmers' market, or local grocery stores. If you choose not to eat meat, I also respect your choice. That is what American is all about: the right to choose.

And now to my sad news.....We lost a young farmer yesterday. From what I am hearing, he was on his way to bale hay and crossed a railroad track I am sure he had crossed many many times before. Matt didn't make it across the tracks yesterday afternoon. To all my farming friends, please NEVER take a train track for granted. This is the second time I have known of a farmer losing his/her life in such an accident. The first time it was a farmer's wife, mother to a girl a year older than me in school plus four other kids. She was pulling a grain wagon and crossed the track by her home. she never saw the train. As we approach harvest, it is good to remind our loved ones out there to be alert and always careful. Our community now has a very vivid idea of just how deadly one mistake can be. Our prayers are with Matt's family as they deal with his tragic loss. As one of my favorite shows, Hill Street Blues, used to send it's officers out to work, "Let's be careful out there!"


  1. So sorry to hear about the train track accident. We had a similar accident involving a farmer on a tractor in NW Wisconsin just a couple months ago.

    Thanks for your informative post. Every organization needs a 'watchdog' organization to hold it accountable. Too many things slip under the radar while the public is directed to look in the direction of altruism.

  2. Hi Lana! Thanks for following my blog and thanks for the link! Very helpful info. I'm your newest follower.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the train track accident. We had a big one last year where two trains collided. It was devastating.

    Anyway, I do hope you're all having a wonderful Friday. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm following you :).

  4. Thanks for linking up with me Lana! And for giving me food for thought so often. I'm beginning to wonder where all these great women bloggers for agriculture came from! Sure is fun to find!

  5. Oh, how sad. One of our farmer friends was going to chore his hogs last year, the sun was glaring on the lights (no arm) and he hit the train head on. Broke his neck just like Christopher Reeve, but crawled out and called 911, and miraculously made a full recovery! But it was SCARY. I'm so glad his story didn't end the way yours did.



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