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Friday, August 13, 2010

Walking Down the Aisle~ Happy 49th Mom and Dad!

Today is my mom and dad's 49th anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to them!  Tall Guy and I, and then my niece followed in their footsteps down the same aisle.  Love you all!

Here are a few more snap shots from the big day!  I was born nine months and four days after this big event, and my niece was born nine months and four days after her parents were married.  Talk about a family tradition!  Tall Guy and I missed the mark by a few months, but we tried to keep up the tradition!  ;-)

 Grandpa Todd made my mom's wedding dress from lace he brought back from Japan while serving in WWII.  He also brought back a pearl necklace that Mom wore for her wedding, as did I and then my niece. 
We also have a birthday today in our family.  Happy 80th birthday Aunt Donna!  We love you bunches!

Now pardon me as I scurry around to take pictures of Tink on her first day back to school!   Woo!  One down and one to go.  Bear has a half day on Monday, and then she gets to ride the bus with big sister on Tuesday!  Gulp!  I have my happy dance all ready, but I think I had better have some tissues ready just in case I go all Mommy on her!

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  1. Big congrats to them. I got married in the same church both my maternal grandparents and parents were married in so 3 generations. So I think it's wonderful that you did the same.

  2. what a special tradition you all share....from the lace to the pearls to the church, this is just wonderful! i know you feel very blessed to have such a heritage! happy friday and thank you for your gracious words on my blog. xoxo

  3. What a nice post! Hope the first day back to school goes well for your daughter - and you! :-) They grow up way too fast!

  4. I love it! Its nowhere near as special yet but I bought my niece a set of pearls when I was traveling to China and she plans to hand them down to the daughter she adopted when she gets married. Love those threads that connect us all.

  5. Hi,visiting today from NFF! What a lovely blog you have. A very happy Anniversary to your parents! Mine are celebrating 48 this year! Beautiful wedding pictures too! I love that there were 3 generations married in the same church. Have a great weekend!

  6. So awesome to hear of couples celebrating 49+ years! Something for me to aim for!
    And what a unique & special family tradition! =)

    I'm a new follower!

  7. Gorgeous pics - what a wonderful bunch of traditions and family history!

    That's insane that you have a child that's back to school already! Where did the summer go?

    New follower from Follow Me Chickadee!

  8. Hey!
    I am visiting from NFF.

    That is a long time to be married :)
    My grandparents anniversary was yesterday, they have been married for 58 years :D


  9. Congratulations to them. My parents have been together over 50 years. It is wonderful to these marriages.So much to learn from them

  10. wow, what great timeless photos! what a big anniversary to celebrate. Coming from divorce myself, my husband and I LOVE seeing couples last a lifetime-its what marriage is ALL about! Congrats to them and your grandparents too...58 years! WOW!
    new follower here from follow friday!

  11. awww great post, with great pics! i am a new follower from FF :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Congrats to your parents... Just think---next year, you can throw them a HUGE party!!!

    Congrats also with the kids back in school....Yeah Rah!!

  13. Hi there.
    Congrats to your parents.
    Stopping by via the Friday Hops to say hello. Have a great day!


  14. Lana I really like weddings Everyone is so happy and nice. Dressed to the nines.

  15. I love seeing old wedding photos! Everything is so beautiful and way simpler than it is now, just exudes elegance..

    here from fmc, happy weekend!

  16. Congratulations to your parents - I am coming from friendly friday follow - I am your newest follower! Have a nice day :)


  17. Wow!! How neat to look back at all of your traditions and birthdays and anniversaries. How neat.



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