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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walking, Nay, Running Right Back to my Precious VAN!

Last week, after running all over creation for about three weeks, my van issued an SOS message and said it was ready for a service call.  Dutifully I called the dealership and scheduled said appointment.  I also asked for a loaner vehicle so I could do all my running around in the big town while they worked on it.

Well, when I got there, my service man was so excited because he had scored an 2010 Honda Civic for me to drive!  Wooo!  As soon as I opened the door and plopped myself in the seat, I began to feel terrified!  My rear end was only SIX inches off the road!  I could barely see out of it!  The speedometer looked light years away, and I kept frantically looking for the button that raised my seat, only to find there was no such magical button.

Dang!  How did I drive for 25 years like this?  It's only been seven years since I drove my own car.  We bought our first van when the two seated stroller ate the entire trunk of my grandma's Cutlass I had inherited.  Loved the room, loved the extra space, but most of all I LOVED being up high enough to see!  We have big trucks, tractors, semis, and a combine that put you right up next to the clouds.

I managed to drive around Lafayette, run my errands, and not wreck into anything, but I tell you I was getting paranoid about other drivers looking DOWN in to my car and worried that they wouldn't even see me down here right next to the road kill!

What a true blessing it was when my phone rang, and the man's voice said my van was ready to be picked up!  WOOO!  I almost kissed it.  I grabbed my keys and pushed the wonderful button that makes my back door open by itself.  I threw my packages into the roomy storage area.  Doesn't that just sound better than a trunk?  I did, by the way, take a peek inside this car's trunk, and I swear my van's glove compartment is bigger!  I did my little "hop" UP to get in the van, closed the door, and praised my van for all its wonderful qualities.

Good-bye dreams of owning a Corvette or other such cars.  I now know that I am most happy when my tush is at least two-three feet off the pavement.

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  1. I hate that readjustment period of trying to get to know a temporary car's ins and outs! Glad your car was fixed pretty quickly!

  2. After switching to my SUV after driving only small cars (RIP, dear Nissan), I wonder how I was able to drive on the interstate all the time! The thought of driving around in a tiny little car again just scares me!

  3. I drive a car, and I tell you with 2 kids and all that entails, I'm wondering how I've made it 5 years with all of the madness of trying to fit everything in while feeling soooooo small on the highways. Living on the farm, I am more and more in need of a larger ride with more storage....I have a bit of a drive to get any necessities, so I try to get as much as possible to avoid all of the trips. I've been wondering if I would like a van.......Or do I need to get a truck???? Decisions, Decisions....Glad your van is in working order!

  4. hahahhaa I here you... I drive a little Toyota Yaris and it is SMALL... everyone looks down at me... Good thing is-at least my kids tell me-that if I park poorly I just have to pick it up and move it where I want it... Glad you got the van back.

  5. Hi Lana, I'm just the opposite... I don't want any BIG car, SUV or van.... Give me a little one constantly... I would be petrified driving something so large.... ha ha ....

    Even when my children were little, we didn't have a big car. And since the kids have all grown up and left the nest, I have driven little Toyotos (Corollas and now a Prius) and LOVE them. Our Prius gets over 50 mpg --so that helps our pocketbook also!!!!

    Oh Well----it takes all kinds, doesn't it???? ha ha .... Glad you love your van. Most people obviously do since you see them everything. Even one of my sons has a big van!!!! ha

  6. thanks for stopping by New To Mom and following. I'm following back.

  7. I know what you mean! Isn't it the BEST to pull up to a drive thru window and actually see the person, to be able to get your goodies without reaching UP?

    (Just so you know: I don't drive my van in my housecoat! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was so nice to meet you. I love your sense of humor!)

  8. I feel the same when you ride with someone in a small car, you do get anxious about the other cars. I have a van and I love sitting up high

  9. Hi!

    Me again. Just a note to let you know that I have a blogger award for you. You can find it at

  10. I drive a car to work and I love it. We have a Suburban, but I love zooming around town in my car!

  11. Glad you could join us! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back! :)


  12. I've never liked cars that are close to the tar on the highway... makes me feel like potential roadkill too! Happy to follow your wonderful blog and thanks for visiting mine!

  13. Too funny! And I think it is a great idea to get together before the craziness of Harvest...lets plan something!!!



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