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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walking to the Theater

Don't you love free things? Even better, free things that you can do with your children? And the best this summer, doing something free with your kids in AIR CONDITIONING? That deserves a Dang!

A huge THANK YOU to those who brought free Wednesday family movies to our lovely, work-in-progress, small town theater! The girls and I have loved the 10:00 a.m. shows, and how wonderful to see so many in our community taking advantage of this gift.

Our little theater is slowly but surely being lovingly restored to its original state. It speaks loudly of the volunteers in our county who work so hard and give so much so that we all can enjoy first run movies on the weekends with our families.

Here are some snapshots I took this morning as we went in for the last movie of the summer, How to Train Your Dragon" We LOVE that movie, and what a great message it has! I know this free movie series ran in several communities. As you look through the pictures, pay attention to the price for goodies. Can't beat that in the big towns! The prices stay the same for the weekend with admissions $5 for adults and $3 for children!
Can we say "WOOOOOO!!!!" Thanks again Town of Fowler and all the volunteers who worked concessions this summer. YOU ROCK!


  1. Thats a small little quaint theatre.
    Missed that movie "How to Train Your Dragon" but will catch up on it some how. (I never miss good movies)

  2. What a great thing for the community! :-)

  3. That is so nice for people to give back to the community in that way. Sure never thought of something like that

  4. How sweet (the theater itself and those who volunteer there)!

  5. Perfect idea for the summer. The movie theatre is really very quaint looking!

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  7. LOVE that theater!!

    Newest follower from Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop :)


  8. First off, thanks so much for visiting my blog yesterday! I love "meeting" new bloggy friends : )

    I love that theater! They recently did the old one in my parents' hometown and I SO enjoy going to see movies there.

    Have a wonderful, blessed Thursday, girl!

  9. So Cool! And the theatre looks so vintage and sweet! Great blog by-the-way!

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  11. your theater is absolutely adorable! what a sweet step back into time! i'm following you now lady! thanks for visiting me over at southern-belle-simple! xoxo

  12. What a lovely post. We live in a small town and also had a very cute little theater like that one. They only payed movies a few days a week and it was just $3 per person. Just as the summer began the place next to it burned down and so did a bit of the theater. They spent the summer trying to get donations to get it back and up and running but it's still not open.

    We are really bummed because being such a big family (9 total) its too expensive for all of us to go to a regular theater. So we hope that soon they can get the funds and give us back our movies at our sticky little theater.

    Well have a great day and thanks for such a nice post.


  13. That is awesome! Sometimes small towns although quaint, just don't have enough to entertain kids so they aren't started box fires out in a field somewhere. LOL. That is so neat!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!! Appreciate it.

    Your newest follower here!

  14. Awesome! We have a free movie series in the summer too...can't wait til my little guy is old enough to take him to it. And wow, those concession prices are unheard of these days.

    Thanks for following me :) Following you back!

  15. That is so awesome, I am jealous. What a cute theater, great pics.

  16. I love it!!

    I am now following you
    From Thirsty Thursday!

    Hope you will visit me here~

  17. We have a little theatre here, too.
    The best part is in the last year they've started having first-run movies--FOR CHEAP!!
    The matinee is only $3!
    So, we've actually been going to the movies once in a while.
    I loved seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks (well, not the seeing it part) with only two other people in the joint!

  18. how lucky you are to have a theater like that. Places like that add so much character and livelihood to a town.

  19. oh goodness, there are too many things to comment on here! 1. yay for your new entry, that's awesome. 2. wowzers, can't believe those butterflies! 3. this theatre is adorable, and i wish there were more of this style theatres around!

    so glad you came by the cape on the corner, i so much appreciate your comment and readership, and i am even more pleased that you liked my haiku! i am following you back, too!



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