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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walking up the Bus Steps!

She did it!  It was an early morning for all of us, and I think our morning routine needs tweaked a bit, but our little Bear made it on the bus!  Woo!
 The sun wanted to give Bear and Tink a beautiful backdrop for their pictures.
 Our girls!
 Mommy even got in on a picture.  Thanks Tall Guy!
 All Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed ;-)
 The Bus Cometh........
 And the Bus Taketh Away!  Thanks Sandy!  And as soon as Tink and Bear were safely boarded, I was off with Glenda to do our thing at the Indiana State Fair!  Not time for tears or worries!
 We served as hostesses at the Farm Bureau Building.  It was a bit quiet in the kiddie corner with most munchkins in school, but we had a few come by.
 Time to weigh in and see where you are in pig pounds and years.  I think I am around the size of a 4 month old pig!  Not too shabby, but not sure how pigs years translate into people years?  Hmmmmm ...... Destiny might come into play here!
 This is our Wonder Trail for the youngsters to follow as they visit the fair.  It's also a great place to find locations for lost visitors!  Glenda is helping do just that below.

Our next duty was to help with the Taste of Indiana.  Our table greeted everyone as they first came in the door.  We served up "squeaky cheese" or cheese curds (try saying that about 300 times without saying turds once in a while!  DANG!).  Many of our older visitors' faces lit up when they heard me say "cheese curds," and they were the ones who taught me the other name of squeaky cheese.  This cheese, graciously donated by Fair Oaks Dairy one of the BEST places in the state to take your children to learn, have fun, and eat great cheese and ice cream!, is brand new cheese that hasn't had time to age. About 99.3% of the people who tried it loved it, but they were surprised when it actually squeaked!  I TOLD them it would happen, even told them we had taken the mouse out and just left his voice! 

It was a great day at the fair, but I was glad to be home, collect my girls, and have a little down time before the whole lovely bedtime routine!  I hope in a about a week we will all be settled into a happy smooth game plan for the morning.  Today's morning, however, showed lots of room for improvement.  Sigh... and so it goes! ;-)


  1. You're off at the Fair while your girls are trapped in a schoolroom?? Is there no justice in the world? (just kidding) :-) The beginning of the school year is always exciting, but I'd still rather be at the Fair, even if it meant being in the Farm Bureau building. Have a great time. :-)

  2. Congratulations.... Another year gone by ! Seems like you had fun at the fair while the girls were at school!

  3. What a gorgeous sunrise! I miss having the windmills so close.

    OOHH, Cheese curds! I haven't had those in years!!

    Thanks for the CO places to visit. They are on my list!

  4. Great pics! Hope y'all get settled into your new school year routine soon. :)

  5. You guys did a fabulous job welcoming guest and telling them about agriculture! Your girls are too cute!

  6. Love, love, love the Farm Bureau bldg this year! Great place for the kiddos :)

    Beautiful sun rise BTW :)

  7. Glad you were busy, Lana, so that you wouldn't be SAD today... Some mothers just cry and cry the first day their youngest goes to school.....

    You'll get the routine worked out well.. The girls both are so pretty and looked to good (and happy) on the first full day... Pretty soon, your routine will be old-hat....

    I'll bet that working at the fair was fun--especially the tasting table. I love that 'squeaky' cheese.... YUM!!!!!

    Have a good evening.

  8. I do think the routine will come together in no time! She sure looked pretty and so excited!

  9. Sure sounds like you are having fun at the Great Indiana State Fair like the rest of us

  10. Your children are beautiful! I hope this school year goes well for your girls AND you... Oh, and I love the photo of the sun coming up and the shot of the bus coming down the road with all of that farm scenery. Beautiful!!

  11. What a wonderful way to spend their first big day back at school. I am sure keeping busy helped you miss them less. I remember all the first days of school. Always a sad time with some happy time thrown in as now MOMMY has time for herself.

  12. Aww! What cute little sweethearts! I love it when little girls dress up for the first day of school : )

    We're big fair people up here, and the Alaska State Fair starts in another week. Woo hoo!



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