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Monday, August 16, 2010

Walking with Little Bear

Well, today was our trial run; Bear went to a half day of Kindergarten, and tomorrow is the real thing.  Dang!  I have my Happy Dance all set to go, but I think I am gonna miss that little bug!  I know two kids are never alike, not even twins, and that is exactly what I have in Tink and Bear:  two opposites.  Tink loves movies: Bear has a hard time sitting still for one.  Tink is kind of a tomboy; Bear is both tomboy AND princess.  She loves to play tea party and have make-overs, while Tink wants nothing to do with that kind of stuff most days.  Bear has little fear, and Tink is, at times, overly cautious.  Tink can be a solitary child, but Bear ALWAYS wants a buddy.  Both love to cook, take pictures, and "work" with Daddy, but Bear's imagination and list of things "To Do" never run out.  It's a bit exhausting for this old mom, but I do the best I can. 

At our reunion this past weekend, some of my classmates were a bit stunned to know I had one starting Kindergarten tomorrow, but what do we know about 30 year plans at the age of 18?   Tall Guy and I were/are so blessed to have two healthy girls considering I had them at 40 1/2 and 42 1/2.  You might not think half years count at my age, but they DO when you are that old and pregnant!  They will keep Tall Guy and I young if they don't kill us off or visa versa :-)  Just kidding.

Here are the snapshots from today.  My folks happened to stop by to drop off a sweater we left up there last week ( a trait I seem to always exhibit!  I am ALWAYS leaving things behind.  Tall Guy says I do it as an excuse to go back to that place)  ;-)  I'm off to the State Fair tomorrow after Bear gets on the bus for the first time!   Have a great day everyone!

 Mrs. Elliott, Bear's teacher and one of Tink's favorite people in the world!
Ok, this is a fuzzy picture, but the blue chair was once my grandma's chair.  I really had no room for it here, but it brought tears to my eyes to think about getting rid of it, so I asked at school if one of the classrooms needs a chair.  Mrs. Elliott's eyes brightened at the mention, so there it is.  It's also one of Bear's favorite pieces because we always rocked in it before bedtime.  I noticed that it was blurry,as if it was moving when I took the picture.  The logical part of me says I moved the camera, but there is that little girl in me that also thinks Grandma is ready to watch Hannah grow this year.  She never met our girls; she died the year before before Tall guy and I got married, but I know she is always watching over them.  Bless you Grandma!


  1. You are kind of inspiring to me because I haven't entirely ruled out the possibility of having more kids. I don't really want them, but if it happened, I think I'd be kinda happy.

  2. Hi Lana, Your girls are growing up so fast.... Enjoy them now because they'll be grown and gone soon... My sons are 47, 40 and 39 now... Yipes!!!!

    Interesting how kids' personalities are all so different.... My sons are all different, one from another...

    Great pictures... Glad your parents live nearby.. That's neat.

    Enjoy the fair.

  3. That's so great that they were able to use the chair!

    Your little one looks so sweet!

  4. Great read, Jodi cried the first day of kindergarten and then the last day when she realized the lost of her new found quiet time.

  5. My boys start in 2 days. I'm not sure if I'll be doing the happy dance or crying. But I'm happy to hear she is having a good day!

  6. Love the idea of donating the chair to your daughter's classroom! I'm sure it will bring her a sense of home while at school! Have fun at the fair!

  7. Can't wait to hear how the day went. I gave my nephew's class a rug when he started kindergarten... that was where they'd sit during reading time. He loved knowing we did something nice for the school/teacher!

  8. THANKS for stopping by A Creative Spirit. I love the story of you little one's first day at kindergarten. And those kids will keep you young... I am only a little older than you and believe me I have a hard time keeping up with my grandkids who are 2 and 4. I am featuring my granddaughter in tomorrow's post.

  9. Oh wow! That little jumper brought back loads of sweet memories of my little one starting school. She's 24 now. How the years fly.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower of yours.

  10. Sooo sweet. I love the fact that your were able to donate the chair. That should help make the transition to school a little easier for your little bear! Very special!

  11. Wonderful story! My baby started college today and it seems as though he should be starting kindergarten. It just goes too fast!!



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