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Monday, August 16, 2010

Walking with my Random Thoughts

Well, it's been a week without television, and what I mean by that is no Direct TV or DTN.  We can watch movies on CDs/DVDs, but there is only so much Barbie I can take!

1.  I asked my Facebook friends how Abraham Lincoln's mom survived without TV, and one of them mentioned that she died early.....ahhhhhhhhh.     Dang!  I would just like to see the news, and maybe a show or two without animation or loud teenagers.  Am thinking about getting a new receiver with a DVR.  Any input on that?

2.  I survived my weekend of reunion activities.  Some classmates were showing pictures and talking about their grandchildren (MORE THAN ONE!), and then there was me doing my Happy Dance to the  tune of "All-Day Long Kindergarten Starts Tuesday"  Sing to "All Night Long" melody.  Still can't believe we are "Still Crazy After All These Years" (again borrowing from Simon and Garfunkel)  I really liked those boys!

3.  Let's see, I could go with a tune from the Fifth Dimension and say that "Last Night, I Didn't Get To Sleep at All!"  What the heck is is with the lovely M word?  (MENOPAUSE)!  DANG!  I think I finally spelled it right!  We need to have a blog discussion about the M word.  Can I get an amen from anyone out there on this topic?

4.  This is from a friend who always starts my day off with the correct perspective: "...your light!  Start the day/week off by sharing the Light of Him with others.  When someone is talking negative about another person, find the positive.  When an event turns negative....find the positive.  There are a great deal of positives in our lives, but we tend to look more at the negative ones.   Help yourself and others look for the Light!"

My addition:  Lord, Please keep me away from the saying of Maxine today! She nails it sometimes but probably not in the way you would have us think.  

5.   My brain seems to be just a bit befuddled today after two weeks of extreme activity, so I will stop for now and try to go recharge it somewhere so I will be witty, ready, and fresh for the next go-'round.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love my dvr. Love it.

    Your quote about looking for the positive is great. I need to think like that.

  2. Lana
    About this M word I have been fighting for years I am 70 and still have Power Surges way too many And I am on low estrogen. Have a great week

  3. I love Netflix. It solves all my viewing problems. I get one at a time and have for over a year now. Netflix is trying to get me to go to the next, more expensive plan, but I'm sticking with my 8.95/month one-at-a-time DVDs. All my favorite British TV and movies are almost all available through Netflix - and we don't watch network TV and don't have cable.

    About the big M word. A few words of advice: Stay away from sugar, caffeine, and spicy foods, and carry a bottle of cold water with you everywhere. You'll be amazed at the difference that makes!

  4. I could pretty much give up anything, but not tv. No way no how.

    I love turning the negative into the positive. By nature, I'm a pessimist so I've really been working hard to go against that!

  5. Did your week w/o tv change anything? I like watching the news & HGTV!

  6. I loved the quote if only I could remember it!!! As for the M am lucky it has not begun yet...
    Seems like your week kept you very busy!

  7. Hi Lana!

    I’m already following your neat blog. I have a new Facebook friends page where I will begin post inspiring messages three times a week. Check it out below!


    Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inspire/338562522284?ref=ts

    Blog: http://inspiredbyron.blogspot.com/

  8. Hi Lana----We finally got a DVR about 6 months ago---and absolutely love it...We have been able to DVR lots of shows on TV which we miss or can't watch if there's something else on at the same time... We now have a routine where we watch one show between 6-7 pm every night... It's a time for George and I to relax together ---and we have enjoyed seeing the shows we miss so much.. I highly recommend it.

    I love Maxine..... She says what most of us THINK and BELIEVE ---but sometimes WE can't say it out loud... Ha

    Have a great day.

  9. Not sure I could do that!!

    I am a new follower from Making Friends Monday.
    Come visit me!

  10. HI! Thanks for linking up and liking me. I am liking you back. Have a great week!



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