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Friday, September 17, 2010

Walking and Wondering Why.....

my two beautiful daughters change their eating preferences more often than they change their socks?  "Mom!  I told you last week I don't like ________."  "Yes, I can eat sandwiches if you make them like Aunt Glenda does!"

I'm gaining back a few pounds that I thought I had lost?  Hmmmmm.......the chocolate chip bag IS not quite as full as it used to be, and where did that frozen spinache/artichoke dip go? and the blue chips...... Oh.... yeah..... Uhm..... never mind!

I can't get...oh just a minute the phone is ringing.........a whole lot ........Oh! Tall Guy needs me to help him move to another field......of my work......Dang!  Gotta run to soccer practice.........DONE!

our two beautiful girls come off the bus holding hands and are usually hollering and tugging at each other before they make it to the porch.

Ag marketing companies call our house at this time of year, numerous times a day, to talk with Tall Guy.....HELLO!  We are in the middle of harvest!

we had to switch times....Once upon a time, in our little corner of the world, we NEVER changed time and were quite happy with the arrangement.  In a month, we will get back to God's time instead of our governor's time, BUT ten miles north and west of me will be one hour later!

my dog still loves me so much even if I haven't walked in quite a while?  She still jumps up and down, wags her tail, turns in a circle, and smiles at me........wish the kiddos and hubby would do that ;-) No seriously, they do, well the girls do, and I guess Tall Guy does too if you count the tail wagging ;-)

when my husband misses one of my calls on his cell he calls me back to see what I wanted WITHOUT listening to the detailed message I left for him?  Can I get an AMEN on that one?

Have a great weekend and please watch out for farmers if you are out in the country.  Farmers make sure all fire extinguishers are good to go and be safe out there too!


  1. Love this. I'm trying (not) to get a visual on that tail-wagging husband of yours. LOL
    But I'm with him on not wanting to go to the trouble to retrieve cell messages! So much easier to just press SEND. :-)

  2. Lana Amen to most of what you said. Don't have the girls but the rest will fit. Glad you liked the hats post

  3. I will absolutely give you and "Amen" on calling back without listening to the message. That's why I left the message!!!!

  4. I gave up leaving messages - why waste my time if he is going to call back and I have to reapeat it anyway!
    AND Telemarketers - DON'T get me started - I actually said to one the other day "Seriously you are calling here in the middle of the day in the middle of harvest wanting to ask a farmer questions about farming" needless to say they hung up on me!
    And I would type more but the phone is ringng, we are changing fields and I need to fix lunch!!!! ;)

  5. The time change thing is so weird. I remember in college, there was a girl on my hall who had NO IDEA what that was because she didn't do it where she came from and was totally fascinated by it. LOL

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  7. I had to laugh about the phone message . . . same here! Why do I even bother?!

    Alaska has its own time zone, so I've never really thought about what it would be like to lose or gain an hour the next town over—weird!

  8. HELLO! I am a new follower from the Friday blog hop! :)


  9. Wonderful random post!! Sounds like you have a busy and wonderful time!

  10. That cell phone message thing goes for adult kids tooooo... grrr.

  11. I'm so guilty of the calling back before checking the message! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm following and looking forward to reading more :)

  12. wow, your life is so full and rich. And I can feel for you about the girls fighting as soon as they get in the front door--mine too!

  13. Oh that time change would drive me nuts if 10 miles away was a different hour!

  14. Hi, Lana.
    I don't understand the kid appetite thing either!
    My 10 YO announced one night that she no longer ate corn.
    "But you ate this very same corn last night," I said.
    "Yes, but I don't eat corn anymore."
    That was 6 years ago. And she still doesn't eat corn!
    Go figure!
    And AMEN on not listening to voicemail messages!!
    Your husband is not the only one! I know several people who don't! Why is voicemail on the phone??!?

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