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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walking around the Farm and Talking about "How I Got Here"

Howdy!  I am still alive, just busier than that one legged man in a butt-kicking contest!  See that big new box up at the top right hand corner of my page?  Watch out Wisteria Lane, New Jersey, and other such groups! I want to give a big shout out to Heather over at 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs She is putting out the coffee pot FRIDAY and is gathering all us farmer gals around the table to chat with you about life on the farm.  Friday, we are all sharing with our readers "how I got here."  Please click on her link ON FRIDAY to read about some really great ladies of the farm.   This is just my Chapter One, so you have to come back on FRIDAY and see how it all ends!

And now for my story.......

Long story short, I married Tall Guy, and  "POOF!" I became a farm girl.  Whew!  That's done, and now I can go get some sleep because my tush is going back in the combine tomorrow!.....What?  You want to know more?  Seriously?????  (Can I get a Yee Haw for Grey's Anatomy debuting this week??  Come on DVR!  Don't fail me!)  Ok, In the words of one of my favorite radio voices, " and now here's the rest of the story....."

I come from farming families.  My mom spent most of her childhood on a farm, and so, for a good part of his childhood, did my dad.  My grandfather on my mom's side was a Jack of all Trades, and pretty much mastered them all.  After returning from WWII, they began farming in Jasper County and Newton County.  Over on Dad's side in Newton County, his father also had many jobs, and farming was one of them, but my dad spent a lot of time with his oldest sister and her husband on their farm.  There were 24 years between Phyllis, the oldest, and my dad, the youngest.  Phyllis and Bill did not have any children of their own, so they kind of help raise Dad while my grandparents worked for George Ade running Hazelden Country Club, and later they ran the Brook Hotel. When I came along, and then my brother, Phyllis and Bill became Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Bill.  Grandma Phyllis introduced me to my HollyHock Ladies!  Here are some pics:

My daddy on Grandpa Bill's tractor probably around 1944?
 Grandma Phyllis coming back from either feeding the cows or chickens
or throwing out garbage or heading to the garden.
She did it all, even ran our trap line during the weekdays
the year my brother and I decided to trap muskrats for Christmas money!
She did!
We did!
No, I didn't skin them, but I held the flashlight in the water when we checked them
and helped set my dad's old traps!
 Phyllis and Bill's place was known as "The Farm"  
My grandpa is sitting on the bench and my uncles are sitting lower.
 My Uncle Bob, also a lifetime farmer, my dad, and Grandpa Bill
 Family on my dad's side in front of Grandma Phyllis' cherry tree.   
Her mother, my grandma, is the wonderful lady sitting second from your right.
 This is my Grandpa Todd, my mom's dad, with his dog around 1920.

 My mom and dad are getting ready to leave her folk's farm,
off to start their married life together 1961.

And after the honeymoon, they settled down on the farm to raise a beautiful little girl and handsome little boy right?  NOPE!  Dad had been at Ball State the last four years and was ready to start his first year of teaching at a little school called Wea, in southern Tippecanoe County.  Mom was going to stay home and raise two wonderful children and haul them all over the place to watch basketball and baseball games so we could see Dad!  Their connection to the farm, however, never broke.  We were what some called "weekend farmers" because Dad would go up on the weekends to help Grandpa Bill plant or pick, and we went too!

Can't you tell I adored my Grandma? 
 My brother and I after we scaled a mountain!
Loved those rocks!
 Checking out Dad's contribution to the Thanksgiving meal.  The "crick" was, and still is a great place to hunt.
Yes, I can shoot a gun.
No, I don't go hunting much these day unless I am shooting with my camera,
but I love to fish,
and I can STILL shoot a gun!
 Me, Dad, and my bro in the crick on a hot day.
We did that a lot.
It probably wasn't the healthiest water for you if it got in your mouth,
but it was fun to splash around in and fish.
Ok, the sandman is beating me to death, so I will finish this on Friday.  We'll pick it up with Tall Guy and I courting and take it up to this harvest with me driving the combine.  I will say that but for the first two years of my life, we always lived in the country with a huge garden and lots of space to grow.  It's the best place to raise your children, but then it is all I really know.  Dang!  I'm so tired I rhymed without trying and didn't realize it until about the third read! Let's see if I can fine some country pics for you to look at while I get some sleep.

Ah...... This is where I spent years 3-10.
Loved this place!
Not IN the cemetery,
but on the porch where this picture was taken.
 Up here.
Can you see the house in all the trees?
Sheep grazed in the front pasture, and I swear that lane was a mile long.
You try to walk down it with your short little legs in the winter! 
Poor Dad had to dig it out when the snow got deep, and it did!
 But it was beautiful in the spring.
Love red bud trees!
 Now what country girl hasn't been mushroom hunting! 
Love those Morels too!
Pass the butter!
 New home where years 11-the college years were spent!
Only house on the road!  
Me with braces?!?! 
I must really feel comfortable with you all!  
Get ready for some animal pictures!
 Learning to ice skate on the garden!
Only out in the country do we do these things!
A tube top?!?!
Thank goodness I have the cat!
Farah hair,
and pumpkins!
We grew some bodaciously big ones that year!
Ok, that is about all you can probably stand or sit through.  More later.  Seriously!  (I just had to get one more in there!) ;-)


  1. It is late and I should be in bed. But once I got started, I just couldn't 'put this down.' What a fun post. And I loved all those 'vintage' pics. :-) The one of your dad (as a little boy) on the Farmall was my favorite.

    I love redbud. I wish we could grow them up here.
    So enjoyed this post. The cats are crying at me cuz they know it's time to come join them on the bed, where they lie awake and pester us all night. lol

  2. what an interesting read - look forward to the next installment :)) hope you managed to get a good nights sleep too? Judith

  3. Love all of the old photos and the narrative for them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What great photos...and a great story! Thanks for sharing. I love the first pic of grandpa on the tractor!!

  5. Awesome, can't wait for the next chapter!!

  6. Love the Farm Wives... great idea... and yes, lets hear it for Grey's, Private Practice and Dancing with the Stars...hahaha

  7. What an interesting story Lana. I love all of the pictures too and I hope you keep "shooting" with your camera. ;)

  8. i love watching you grow up through these pictures! and those old pics are great too....what a wonderful story of your family! i'm honored that you decided to share this neat slice of life with blogdom! xoxo

  9. oh boy, i am so glad you put that last one with the pumpkins up! how fun, really, it ALL looks! can't wait to read the story of you and tall guy!

  10. Fabulous photos! I love looking at old pix!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. lol. The pics are great. And now I want some fried mushrooms. You should only be allowed to post pictures of morels in the spring. This is torture.

  12. Ok, so I found this post a little late. . . but I LOVE the pics and stories behind them! Makes me nostalgic. . .

  13. I know this is out of your archives but I thought this post was fun! I love all the old pictures. I've always dreamed of having a restored F-20 sitting around here someday..

    It sounds like you come from a long line of farmers! I had to chuckle at the pictures of the tube top and kittens. I believe those are coming back around... :)

    I just planted a red bud this past weekend! I can't wait for it to grow.



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