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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walking in to October

Well, as I have mentioned and alluded to, Monday was in its rarest true form around here.  I was kind of pouting, my house was in shambles, then I pulled a huge muscle in my leg, and the girls have only seen glimpses of Tall Guy in the daylight hours.

Hmmmmm.....only seeing Daddy during the "dark" hours.  October....hmmmm.....a girl could get a little spooked if she didn't know better.

Want to see something else a bit spooky?  I yick-yacked about this on Facebook a bit because it kind of freaked me out, but......well......if you have seen any part or all of Mr. Hitchcock's. The Birds, you might understand!

Not only have I seen this movie several times, (it's probably the only scary movie I have ever seen in its entirety!), I used to show it to my seniors and have them write a paper over foreshadowing, and it usually fell about this time of year.  One of my former students chimed back at me after my bird post Monday, "That's what you get for making us watch that movie!"

Maybe now you can understand why I get a bit creeped out when the black birds start gathering around here and sitting by the HUNDREDS on the wires between the poles that line the road!  Yeah, I hear that "Doo doo Doo doo" music in my head.

It starts out so innocently, just a few birds on a wire,

And then you get to looking around because you think you hear birds chirping........



Can you remember from other posts that there are TWO silos in this picture?

Can you start doing the math in your head that if the north side of the front one had this many birds on it and you MULTIPLY that times FOUR........


When this gathering of birds actually took off, I swear there were about a THOUSAND birds doing that swoopy all-for-one-and-one-for-all flight formation.  That's when I decided to take my self inside and make sure all windows were closed, and thought, like another friend on Facebook hinted at,

Now what would Tippy do?
(Tippy Hedren, the actress who played the blond chick in the movie AND mother of Melanie Griffith)

 Happy October!
p.s.  My leg is feeling all back to normal now.  
Whew... it's heck getting older!
p.s.s.  The Ford truck pictured yesterday is actually seven years YOUNGER than me.  
I'm gonna have to check to see if Oil of O'lay makes a vehicle wax! ;-) 


New Friend Fridays


  1. ooh, looks like someone is going to have a happy halloween. That's kinda cool though!

  2. EWWW I hate all birds - they creep me out! They always seem to land in flocks in our yard and I always get a gun and fire several shots in the air to scare them off - did I mention I HATE BIRDS!

  3. Too scary for me! Visiting from NFF. Happy Friday :)

  4. Tippy would put on that fab little suit of hers and go run around! That is a whole lot of birds. Really kind of creepy.

  5. LOL. In Terre Haute there are flocks of crows so large that ISU sponsored a crow themed art exhibition in their honor! It was a pretty cool show.

  6. Lana, LET ME TELL YOU that the pic I showed on A Creative Spirit is not even the WORST shot of that room.. BUT I will have it cleaned up and WILL have it posted soon. If you post your pic I will even be brave enuf to shoot a pic of my utility room. I always use my ipod touch for these pics...so I need to get better shots with my digital. :o)

  7. As always your words today made me smile. I too am not a scary movie fan and 'The Birds' is one of a handful I have ever watched... Hope those pesky, scary critters get out of there soon.

  8. Those birds? They ARE coming to get you!! :-) that is a great old movie! Psycho is even scarier!

    Glad your leg is better.

  9. Hello!
    I'm a new follower from Friendly Friday Follow. I would love it if you could stop by my blog as well! I hope you have a great Friday!

  10. Did I already share Jen's post with you? It would be WAY worse" http://www.farmgirlfollies.com/2010/06/morning-buzz-4589.html

    A month ago we had Jen's same buzzard problem here. Must be an Ohio thing. :)

  11. That is really creepy!!

    Thanks so much for visiting and following me. I love your blog, I'm following you back :)

    Have a great weekend!


  12. OMGosh, your post reminds me of the movie The Birds, lol.

    So sorry you hurt your leg.

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittpat Paperie and leaving the nice comment. Drop by again anytime 0220



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