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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walking into Some New Rooms

Well, you all know we have been in remodel mode for most of the summer.  Thought I would try to update you on the latest and greatest additions to our humble abode!  For a reminder as to how it all started, click here and here.

First of all, our garage is just about ready to use!  WOOOOO!!!!!!!  I didn't have the walls painted white, like most garages, because everything white here gets too dirty too quickly!  I think the painters thought I was a bit nuts not "going with the flow," but after it was primed, dirt had already found its way onto the walls before the paint did!

Dang!  Pardon the dirty farmer and the half clothed Tink behind him!  I'm too lazy to go out and take another picture!  Now the sun room ran in to a bit of a glitch.  Due to a snafu in communication, our slab was 8 inches shorter than our pre-cut sun room panels, so the glass windows had to be taken back to Muncie to be re-cut.  SIGH......
I am seriously thinking about painting this room a soft yellow, once the drywall is up of course.  I would love any opinions that might either agree with this color choice or voice an opinion for another color scheme. The frame and ceiling are both white, and our hot tub has that redwood look. 

So there you have it.  Oh, the hot tub will be back in the far corner on the other side of the door that you can see on the right side of the last picture when all the walls are done.  I so cannot wait to put BOTH rooms into use.  I'm hoping the sun room can be my little oasis from the chaos that sometimes exists in the other rooms.  There will be no clutter or messes out here.  MOM"S RULE!!!!!!

Have a great day, and remember Friday is right around the corner!


  1. A house built with love and a strong foundation is just so beautiful........Wish you the very best and happy memories in this place called HOME!

  2. Oh, how exciting!! A MOM ROOM! I love the view you'll have too. Paint colors? Hmmm, I'm partial to light green...similar to your blog background actually.

  3. Thanks for your comments on A Creative Spirit. I WISH I lived closer and would def help you decorate that beautiful sun room. I do miss the design field but as a single mom, working on commission was NOT the way to go, but I am now having fun getting back into it.

  4. Oh and a comment on the yellow... LOVE it, as it would be a bright spot in your home even throughout the Indiana winter.

  5. I think a soft yellow would be a great color for your sun room. It will probably pick you up while you are enjoying your beautiful view! I know how excited you must be to have it completed!

  6. WOOOOOO! for that garage!


    And the remodel is looking fabulous. You keep it up!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. I have some serious jealousy issues when it comes to your garage. Maybe someday. :)

  8. It sounds great! The sun room is sure to be beautiful! I would either go with a soft yellow or a pale pink.

  9. Lana
    The color will depend if you want a warm or cool room Yellow for warm and Blue for cool. Sure will be nice to have a garage No frosty windows

  10. Beautiful Lana. I went back to see the other two posts since I wasn't going to your blog then... Your renovations are fabulous... I know you all will be so pleased... Congrats.... Love being able to go into the house from the garage without going outside... NEAT!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Keep these home pictures coming. I love them.

  11. What a wonderful sun room. It will be a great place to relax.

    Here's hoping Mom's Rule works better on messes at your house than it does at mine!

  12. I am jealous. We are looking into building a new garage. Just have to save up enough money for it!

    Great pics!



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