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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walking Through My Kitchen and the Making of Applesauce!

I wanted to share with you our applesauce making this weekend.  We actually haven't picked the first apple yet; we have been gathering them off the ground, feeding the bad apples to the cows and bagging the better ones for our applesauce.  Lets see how it went:

 More of that apple-flavored beef in the making!  YUM!
 Bear thought it was much colder than the actual temperature.  Our Princess!
 Some of the 'Keepers!"
 My 45 year old apple peeler~a bit temperamental at times but usually works like a charm ;-)
Do you like my tree?  Keep scrolling down for more picks of my fun, unique kitchen art!
As my friend Dawn, from Beat until Fluffy, would call it:
 The few bruises and bad spots are cut out before cooking.
See my wire basket off to the left?  LOVE this for draining wet things.
The arms pull out to fit the sink!
 Ta Da!  The main and ONLY ingredient in my applesauce!
 OK, I forgot that I did add about a cup and a half or water.  We just let the apples cooks down and stir towards the end.  Poof!  APPLESAUCE!
 Tall Guy grabbed the camera when I wasn't looking! Dang!
 The steamy side of applesauce!
And now for a tour of my kitchen:  It has SEVEN doorways in it!  This one leads upstairs.  The one in the back leads to the dungeon basement.  My dear friend Kristie painted these murals for us last summer.  

 Behind this door is a little closet where we put our recyclables (CANS) and cleaning supplies.

 The whole tree!
 This little bit is right by the sink.  

And now you have seen my kitchen.  I'm not quite sure how we made it through without seeing any messes.  That is NOT the usual case, but I'm glad it looked tidy for you. 

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy some lovely weather (sounds like we will be wet!), great football (BOILER UP!  trans: GO PURDUE!), awesome soccer matches, and quality time with your family and friends!


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  1. Hi Lana, It is so neat to see your home. LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen... Those murals are fabulous..

    AND---that applesauce made my mouth water... YUMMMMMM..... In the home where I grew up, we had an apple tree with green apples like yours... I loved those apples.. And my mother could make some great apple sauce and fried apples.... YUM.... Do you make fried apples too???

    Thanks for sharing. Great post, Lana.

  2. I LOVE your kitchen! I've painted murals in almost every house we've lived in but I'm not sure I want to do it in this house. But I'd love to do others! I love the way your tree comes down from the ceiling.

    I've been busy making applesauce too. But I haven't had time to cook it down. I usually puree it and throw it straight in the freezer, works well for us! I just made a loaf of whole wheat yeast bread with applesauce in it! Scrumptious. I'll try to share it later.

  3. wow, that's the first time i've seen your kitchen since you've repainted. it's really neat, but i still remember how it used to look. memories!! but time moves forward, and it looks great!! i'll have to stop by sometime and get some of that delicious looking applesauce! (wink)

  4. Great pics! You need an apple peeler-corer. They're cheap and they sell them at Farm and Fleet up here in NW Wisconsin. Saves so much time. I am sad to say that our wonderful McIntosh tree bore about 10 apples, instead of the usual hundreds. Wah. They are wonderful apples and usually I have apples to freeze and apples to give away. Not this year. The blossoms must have frozen or something. Glad you could make applesauce. :-)


  6. I love apples and anything apple related. The apple sauce looks amazing. We picked blackberries about a month ago and froze them. Last weekend we made homemade blackberry jelly. It's my favorite!

    I thought your kitchen was absolutely beautiful! I love the tree and the cat! They are my favorite parts!

  7. Thanks for following us- following you back! Love the applesauce recipe and can't wait to try it out!

  8. I adore your "artsy-fartsy" kitchen. It's absolutely marvelous! What a happy place to spend time.

    Thanks for sharing your secret for apple-flavored beef - I'll have to look into that!

    My apple peeler is 63, but getting less temperamental with age - who'd a thunk it!

  9. Your blog is so peaceful and lovely! Thanks for the comment and the follow!
    New Follower.

    Peaceful wishes,

  10. That apple sauce looks delicious! You have me inspired to make some now. i also need to make a pie. I have a great recipe! I love the paintings. Very cute! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  11. Love your kitchen!!! and love even more that you have an apple orchard!!!

  12. I love your kitchen pics! How fun to have it completed!

  13. I love, love, love your kitchen!!! Talk about making the most of a challenge. I live in an old house and there isn't a room in it that has an un-interrupted wall. It makes it really difficult to place furniture but you've made each of your doors so special!!

  14. The applesauce looks delicious and I love the mural! Makes it so much more fun! Love the door!

  15. Absolutely love your murals!!! Especially the ones on the doors. Super cool!

  16. Beautiful! And yummy! What more can you ask for? You lucky girl! :)



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