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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walking to the Fire Ring

One clear sign of fall is gathering around the fire ring.  We finally made our own this summer and have had several weenie roasts out there.

What is the ring that holds our fire?

Can you guess?

Pay attention, and I will tell you at the end.

Indiana is known as The Crossroads of America, 
and we see evidence of that every day as we watch 
the jets making their marks in our skies.  
There are many intersections, and here X marks the spot!!
 Cows are rather curious animals.  Of course they have to come out to see what we are doing!
 "UHM.....Yea...Sure those are PORK hot dogs! 
 Apparently we have a doubter in the herd!
 Tink must have grabbed the camera for this one.
 Time for S'mores!  It's gonna be a while if Tink 
doesn't get her marshmallow closer to the flame!

Any ideas yet on what our fire ring was in its first life?
 Ah it's getting darker.  
That always make the fire pretty and the girls silly!
Bear and Daddy

Peace out Homeboy!

Ok, Here is a very good look at our fire ring.


It was once a tractor tire rim!  

We like to reuse things out here on the farm!

Keep your toes warm tonight.  It's going to be another cool one!


  1. Your fire ring looks like ours! Now if we just made time to use it.

  2. Love your ring of fire and the family fun!

  3. wow, what a great tradition. Looks like so much fun too.

  4. That's what we use, too. Ours sits on an old slab of concrete where there was once a ....something. But occasionally we'll throw it over a stump that needs to be burned. Haven't even used it once this summer. It was so wet here and the bugs were so bad that we couldn't sit outside!

  5. ha ha!! I've used lots of rims...they work great! I love sitting around a fire....nothing better!

  6. Sounds perfectly logical to me! Around here, we're good at seeing uses for things - one of the reasons we tend to hold on to things. 'Hey, wouldn't this make a good...' (See?)

    Love your cattle pics. They're beautiful creatures. Praise the Creator for thinking of and designing them!! :-)

  7. Looks like a great time! My kind of fun. I'm a new follower too.

    Green Momma,

  8. We cooked out this weekend, too! So much fun with the family! Missing you today, too! :)

  9. what a fun thing to do! i love making smores....and have even considered doing them in the oven since i don't have a fire ring of my very own at the moment....maybe i'll get to be a true farm girl one day! xoxo

  10. Hi Lana, It took me about 30 minutes but I caught up with your blog posts... HOW interesting... I love hearing about your life growing up, going to college, teaching school --and FINALLY meeting your Sweetie...

    I love reading about farming --since it is something I know nothing about. It's a rewarding life --but a hard one. Catching those calves that night must have been a hard thing to do... BUT--it was a funny story, the way you wrote it.... Loved reading it.

    I also love seeing the fire ring --and thinking about Smores. We don't have a fire ring here --but we do have a wonderful, wood-burning fireplace... We almost put a fire in it last night since it is cooler here now. If it gets cooler tonight (it's a damp day here), we'll probably build our first fire of the Fall season.

    I enjoy your blogs so much, Lana.

  11. Fall weenie roasts are the best! You have a lovely family. Thanks for stopping by to visit! And I'll stop back here again, too! :)

  12. Our fire ring is made out of the same thing!

    Nice to meet you! I'm a new follower from the Twitter and blog hop!


  13. How fun! I totally want a fire ring, maybe one of these days!

  14. I LOVE that fire ring... such a great redo on that tractor tire....

  15. Yum, Smores are the best! We have a little fire pit, but always forget to use it. Maybe this will be my motivation for this fall :)

  16. How fun! When we camped as kids the campsite used rims - takes me back and makes me wany Smores!

    Totallt agree with your comment on my blog. That's why I said God was putting a halo around me; a wall accessable to Him and those he choses to let in.

    xo Erin

  17. Ha! I love the cows checking it out. Too funny.



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