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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walking with a Hitch in My "Get- Along"!!

Monday was just not my day in many ways.  I was bummed that I went the big girl route and stayed home to find the floor of my house and the bottom of the clothes hamper instead of running down to Indy to play, brainstorm, and visit with my bloggy friends.  My husband sensed this and, in an effort to cheer me up, asked if I wanted to help him outside.  I went because I am a very dutiful helper.

In the middle of harvest, we also have cattle to feed, and that requires Tall Guy to get out the very big mixer and grind feed ever so often.  This day he was out of one of his main ingredients, corn gluten, so it was time to fill up the canister.  This is the corn gluten canister!

The tall, white, boxy looking storage thing with the auger going up.

Don't you love our truck?

It's a Ford, and I think it might be older than me, but it still runs!

 This is what corn gluten looks like.

And now it is on its way up and in the storage bin....

as Tall Guy looks on.
( I think he has "it" over PW's Marlborough Man, but I am a little partial!)

Now... This is where my helpfulness takes a huge leap, and I end up walking funny for going on two days.  Before this lovely gluten can go in the storage bin, someone has to climb up here

and open a door and put the snout of the auger in the opening so it goes where it is supposed to go.  Do you see how the steps to the left are more spaced out than the steps on the upper right ladder?  Like a three step to five step ratio~!  Tall Guy made the ones on the left himself.  Mr. Six Foot Three himself! Check out this next picture!

Yep, NINETEEN INCHES between each step!  DANG!  I hobbled out yesterday with Bear and Tink to measure the object of my pain.   19 inches is roughly from the bottom of my foot to the top of my knee, (Just call me Mrs. Five Foot Four!  My mom is 4'9 1/2", but that's a whole other story!) so when I climbed up the first ladder, I kind of felt like Mrs. Spiderman all stretched out!

Ok, One cute girly-posed picture then back to my story of pain!

I honestly did not realize I was injured until I woke up Tuesday morning.  My right quadricep muscle felt like someone had punched it all the way from the top of my knee on up my leg.  Apparently I am not in the perfect shape for scaling tall buildings or rock climbing!  Dang!  I thought I was making some progress, but my 48 year old muscles are telling me to stay as close to the ground as possible!  :-P  That's no fun!  The muscles in my back also went in on this mutiny and are all achy too!  Geez-O-Pete!

Well, Back to Monday.... I went up the FIRST time, and thought to myself, "Dang! You should have grabbed your camera!"  As luck would have it, I chose not to wait up there the hour or so it took to empty the truck, so I climbed back down, SLOWLY on the last steps because my whole body had to think long thoughts for my foot to find the step below while my arm held on to the step a couple rungs above!

By the time Tall Guy was ready for me to go up and close everything, the girls had come home and were looking for me!

Yoo Hoo!  I'm up here~!
Yes, I took my camera with me this time!

Here is what it looks like from the "crow's nest."

Hi Sadie~!  

Don't worry everyone; Mommy is just fine! 


Pretty much east. 
You can see our new additions to the house!

Not so much down but still east.  
That's a view of a combine you don't usually see!




Hi Illinois!
(It's about ten miles away, but it's always nice to be polite!)

What beautiful panoramas right?  Just about takes your breath away right?  It did mine! ;-)  As you can see we have neighbors, but they are scattered out.

So now I am typing this on Wednesday after a full 24 hrs. of naproxin sodium pills (generic Aleeve), icy hot, and general rubbing of the sore areas.  Sigh.... Why can't we all be 27-28 forever? 

I have one more Monday story to share with you, but I have to stop and stretch now; I'm up for combine duty in about an hour or whenever my phone rings.   Be careful out there, and please keep an eye out for the farmers!


  1. oh my goodness, look at all that land that is yours and yours alone! i guess that's what living on a farm means, but still, i can't imagine no neighbors close by. that must be lovely!

  2. We missed you Monday! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh Honey Chile-----you will hate to hear this but just wait 'til you are 68. Talk about aches and pains...

    I'm proud of you for climbing up there... GADS---I couldn't do that --even if I were 28.. ha... BUT--I loved seeing your pictures from up there.... Things do look different from WAY up there....

    Hope your soreness is better now.... Bless Your Heart... You do have such an interesting life....

  4. I would still be on the ground looking up. I have a fear of height and won't get very high. You are brave, that was high. You are the Good Wife

  5. wow, I feel your pain, I do. Get well soon. And tall man must be very fit to scale that ladder :)

  6. Great story and pics. My buddy has a 100 ft. concrete silo he fills with corn silage that we have to climb when we're filling it. I use to be able to go straight up it without stopping. Now I have to stop at about 75 ft. to catch my breath :(. I tell people I'm just stopping to enjoy the view :)..lol.

  7. Southeast is beautiful! Hope you get to feeling better soon. I think new steps would be a great winter project for Tall Guy! (I agree he rivals PW's MM!)

  8. I just love all that big equipment, and my little city-slicker grandsons would be in 'heaven' if they could watch your farm activities for an afternoon! But don't let them near that bin! Good grief! Hope you recover...but what an amazing view you had!

  9. Fascinating post, and life on the farm is so interesting..I like your photos of those big equipments.

  10. Love your Southeast picture!

    And around here, we call it a "hitch in your giddy-up."

  11. I like the photo of your husband cleaning off the combine...what a cleanly farmer! My husband and FIL purchased a tarp for that part of the machine for this season...I guess it is something new they make nowadays!

  12. Lana thanks for your comments on A Creative Spirit. You are so right.... I too tell my kids that a HOME is in my future. My dad has always said he doesn't want mom in a home so in order to obey his wishes they will have to give a little too.

  13. Hey lady, that view from up there is worth every muscle ache that came your way...at least in my humble opinion. :o)

  14. Just following your cute blog from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Please follow me back @ www.romanianprincess.com

    Thanks, Nicole Mariana

  15. Your pictures are great! I love all of the land and the peacefulness of it! I hope you haven't hurt yourself too badly! Be careful!!! By the way- thank you so much for the kind comment you left on my post tonight. I am so thankful to have you for a follower!

  16. OUCH!

    Thanks for the bird's eye view of Indiana farmlife. Hope your muscles forgive you soon. La

  17. I LOVE the views you've shared with us! Be careful out there, goodness!



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