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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Sit Down and Chat for a Minute!

WHEW!  We are finished with harvest!  Well, kind of.  We are done with our crops, but Tall Guy does some custom work for a farmer in the next county south.  That means we help him at planting and harvest with our machinery.  So TG is down south, and I am sitting here, enjoying what I hear.....SILENCE...but NOT enjoying so much what I see. 

Guess we need to talk about that.

Hi, My name is Lana, and I live in chaos!

Oh, it might not be as bad around here as you have seen on some TV shows.  I don't have boxes piled to the ceiling with tiny paths through each room, but it's chaos nonetheless.  Ask my parents and my husband; heck ask me.  It's not something I like, but the chaos has kind of built up through the last few years.  I have a laundry list of excuses:  having two kids AFTER turning 40, about 4 years of insomnia, a husband who has had three back surgeries since we were married, a country home with very little storage space...blah.. blah.. blah...  I have even had people tell me and I have told others:

"I do have two little girls and they have a lot of little "stuff" to play with" and "I do live on a working farm with livestock!" 

Ok, yeah, but it's time for the pity party to stop!

Truthfully, I am overwhelmed, and I get that way in certain situations, and it's not pretty because my answer is to pretty much shut down or avoid whatever it is that is overwhelming me.  Stacks of essays to grade, bills to pay or bank statements to reconcile..  again blah..blah..blah 


I've chatted about this in comment boxes and e-mails with other blogger friends, and my friend Jane, from Going Jane, told me about a site I should visit called FlyLady.  Do you know about this site?  All I can say is WOW! Click on her name, and it will link you to her page.  I just e-mailed Jane last night and said I was going to climb on the FlyLady train and get control of my house.  Jane is a great pal to have for encouragement, and she said all the good stuff, and then ended with, "Are you going to blog about this?  You should!  It would be awesome!"

I'm thinking it might be just short of crazy to show you pictures of my rooms unless.....maybe.....it might give me that much more incentive to get busy and clean!  

My dear FlyLady talks about taking this problem with chaos vs. organization slowly, with "Baby Steps," so maybe I will just show you a part of a room and get more comfortable as I go on. 

The first step toward a clean house is to "Shine your Sink" so that's what I am going to go do.  Stay tuned for my results.

Feeling brave? 

Want to join in with me?

I would love to hear back from you about cleaning tricks and ideas.  Misery loves company as they say.  Let's do this together; let's take back the control in our lives and feel better about ourselves and our homes. 

Rah!  Rah!

Ok, for lack of a better idea, put your hand on your computer screen, pretend you are in a huddle, and let's break with the chant: WE LOVE OUR HOUSE!  WE WILL CLEAN SOMETHING TODAY!

Alright!  Go Team Clean! 

Now wipe off your computer screen ;-)


  1. Oh no. I knew someone would notice pretty soon. I've got to organize and clean, and fall is a great time to do it. So not like I'm procrastinating or anything (!!), but I'm going to go to Fly Lady and then back to her when i get home from our trip out east.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Go, Lana! I'm going to shine my sink with you right now! (well, as soon as I finish typing this) :) What helped me get motivated was giving the crisis cleaning a go (45 min 'til "company-ready") and then on to the "rest" of the details/detail cleaning. You go, girl!

  3. yes, I've heard of flylady many time and the sink shine thing really works! I need to so get organized for Fall. So glad your harvest is over for you.

  4. OH Lana, welcome to the club. My cleaning lady comes tomorrow and she will jump start my sink scrub. First step to recovery, owning your problem:) Thanks for being a soul sister!

  5. Sink is "SHINED!" Woe to the person who messes it up! ;-)Pictures tomorrow!

  6. LOVE Fly Lady and had forgotten about her..... hahahahha she has some GREAT ideas....And we all are working on it at our own pace remember.....:o)

  7. chaos with great kids, is better than "better homes&garden" with brats...but my wife is busting my azz now,over 5tote boxes of mag.s&books and that is small compared to 10yrs of paperwork in boxes. HOW LONG SHOULD YOU KEEP STUFF? do I need old paystubs(from 80s&90S)starting to relize saving reciepts to companys that are closed. YOUR NOT ALONE JUST VOCAL.

  8. I loved your blog! I follow you.. hope you stop by too! ;)

  9. I have a lot of clutter piling up! I am very sentimental and have a hard time letting things go. I will check out her site. Good luck to you! have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  10. I'm the complete opposite Lana because I've moved so many times over the years I'm not a hoarder in fact if you stand still long enough you'll probably end up either in the bin or for recycling!!! lol Yes one of my husband's cousins loves Fly lady - so have fun. Judith

  11. You are so funny, Lana... It just takes a little organization. Involve your family with picking up and cleaning. Even the hubby can do certain things... Those little girls need to learn to clean and help... Make it a game... Keep lists of responsibilities... It shouldn't all fall on you.

    Baby steps is a good start... Just do a little at a time... Maybe you can choose certain rooms on certain days...

    I'm truly not much of a housecleaner --and do not enjoy it.... I am a good picker-up person though --and never ever leave clutter around. That's one reason our home doesn't look too bad--even when I do need to dust or vacuum. We always wash the dishes --so that is never a problem.. BUT-my windows certainly do need washing... Ah--who cares????? ha

    Good Luck, Lana.... My advice: Just relax and enjoy life and don't worry about your 'mess'....


  12. Lana When Jim and I got married there was a lady landlord and she always said it can wait until tomorrow. She was right.
    But when you have pathways a straw in the winter in the kitchen you have to clean sometimes I sometimes think I am in the barn. I try and knock the dust off, nobody will come and inspect.
    I was told to always keep your front door window clean and the porch sweep clean that will do.

  13. Ugh, totally with you on the clutter! I love our farmette and our "charming" hundred year old farm house...but I totally blame my tiny house with one single closet for all of the clutter in my life!

  14. I LOVE Flylady! I've been following her for a few years, and even though I can't always follow every rule, I know I can do anything for 15 minutes! Your house will be in tip top shape in no time!



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