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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Walking Among Blessed Pets

I'm not sure if I have ever talked about the school our girls go to, but I love it very much!  Me.  An 18 year servant of public schools.  Me.  Pretty much a Methodist if you asked me nine years ago or so.  Our girls are so blessed to attend a wonderful Catholic school, Sacred Heart.

Is this school "state-of-the-art"?  Probably not compared to "new" schools, but we have a computer lab, and our art classes ROCK!!  Does it have a regulation-size gym? No, but our teams are always in the final games of county tourneys, and they win their fair share!  We also had our wedding reception in that wonderful gym, and we had to hustle to cut the cake as soon as we arrived because it was kind of melting!  Not a big deal.

I love this little school because it is filled with 92 students K-6, seven wonderful teachers, a great pre-school program, wonderful support staff, and parents who volunteer time for recess duty and lunch supervision.  Yep, we volunteer.  We are a close knit family, kind of like the wonderful community I was privileged to be a part of before county/rural schools consolidated, before open concept, before the closing of beautiful brick buildings that are now shells, or only the gym remains as a community center and summer rec. stop.  I guess that is better than completely gone.  But, I love this little private school.

Do you have to be Catholic to go there?  No.  Tall Guy is, and the girls were baptized in Sacred Heart Church. I know other families who have a Catholic connection but attend a different church.  I love it because it is ok to talk about GOD, speak about His rules, grow in His love.  It makes me so sad that we have had to gradually eliminate God from the public schools.  I truly feel this direction of thinking has made it harder to teach and maintain citizenship and discipline in our public schools.  That doesn't mean kids in the public school are God-less; they just have to keep him in their hearts and out of their voices.

So how does this all connect to pets?  Glad you asked.  As a bit of an outsider looking in, I admit I scratched my head the first time I heard about Pet Blessing Day.  Not that my pets don't need blessed.  Pumpkin is down to about Life #5 or #6 if you ask Tall Guy!  Sadie ran away from us while we were on a spring trip, and she came back one day after we returned.  Don't think I wasn't saying a whole bunch of prayers the five days on vacation when I knew she was gone!

But Sadie and Pumpkin both stayed home on this day because, right after Pet Blessing, we trotted off for our 3rd annual Walk-a-thon.  I will post about that next time.  Today I wanted to share some of the pets that did make it in.  We had parents take off work for this event.  Pets are serious business around here.  I saw grandparents attending too.  It just melts my heart to see family pull together for the sake of kids.  Want to see what I am talking about?

Yes, you saw a goat and a goldfish. DANG! I am pretty sure there were rodents and reptiles there too.  I saw the glass houses, but didn't get too close!  NOT a big fan!   I have even seen a hedgehog at this gathering.  It's a big deal!  Think about the pet you had as a kid.  Wouldn't you want to know God watched over it and loved just as much as you did?  It's all about community, and this little one ROCKS!


  1. Hi Lana, Our church has a "Blessing of the Animals" every year... People love it ... Ours is an Episcopal Church.

    Glad you like your kids' school. I am a Methodist and believe in public schools also. HOWEVER, there are many problems with many of the public schools these days... SO--I don't blame you for sending your girls to a private school...

    Congrats ---and congrats to all of the animals.

  2. So nice to live in a small town did as a child and my school had 300 some kids in the whole school all 12 grades. I know that was over 50 years ago. But we sure did learn. Nice to read this

  3. I love all my pets, past and present. Also the local Catholic Church has a pet blessing day posted on their sign out front. After looking at your pics... I may have to see when that is just to stop by and enjoy the scenery.

  4. I think this is SO very wonderful. Our pets are part of our family and it is nice to see that other people feel the same. My brother's church does this and also has a "blessing of the fleet" for safe travels.

  5. OK, so I missed this post the 1st time but read aboout it in Anns blog yesterday I think, and I had to chek it out for myself. What a great school for your kids to go to! :)



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