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Friday, October 29, 2010

Walking by the Same Place a Few Years Later

Thought it would be kind of fun to compare Indianapolis Zoo pics then and now.  The THEN pics were taken August 18, 2006, and the NOW pics were taken October 22, 2010.  I didn't know how much I would like looking at these until I put them together!

Do you have a place your family goes to yearly or every few years?  It would be fun to post those pics in your blog.  Let me know if you do so I can come see!


  1. Wow! those girls are nothing but legs are they? Tall guy on the other hand...

    We send out family pics on magnets for Xmas every year and I have the last 5 on my fridge. I might just have to post em!

  2. Look at those tiny babies... so sweet! I do this with my pumpkin patch pics... Makes me happy and sad all at the same time ;)

  3. what a beautiful family! They have grown lots!

  4. Great comparison pics. We just had the same thing happen while out in Denver. Took some pics in the same location as we had a few yrs earlier. Amazing to see how much the kids grow!

  5. BabyD had a photo album out the other night and I think I'd forgotten how much they can change in just a couple of years!
    Fun pictures! Your girls are so cute!
    And you, Lana dear, are aging very well!

  6. Glad you get in some of the pics. I HATED when my kids were little and I took all the pics...
    Daddy is in so many of them but the photog is glaringly absent. :o)

  7. Time goes so fast! Our youngest son loves to stand next to me now cuz he towers above me. How fun for you to have those comparison photos.

  8. I'm finally getting around to catch up on your blog...it's nice to see what's been going on with you and your family! I love the idea of taking photos at the same location year after year. I might have to do that one...Thank you for the idea! Ashley



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