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Monday, October 4, 2010

Walking in Town for Sacred Heart's 3rd Annual SHape-up Walk-a-thon!

I am so proud to say I have walked in all three of these Sacred Heart Walk-a-thons!  Woo! Yeah Me!  Seriously,  the school came up with this project three years ago to do a couple of things:

1.) promote fitness and good health.
2.) gather pledges from the walkers to eliminate several other fundraisers we have throughout the year.

Have we met our goals?  I think so!  All kids walk 1.5 miles and most go around the second time for a total of three miles.  Parents and grandparents walk with them, along with those pets who are either happy about being carried or pulled or can do the walk themselves.  As I said yesterday, Pumpkin wouldn't lower herself to such strenuous labor, and I am not too sure how Sadie would do on a leash around other dogs, so the country pets stayed home.  Oh!  We also met our fund raising goal of $6000.00!  Woo!  All in the name of good health, good education, and good spirits.

Here's a little glimpse of the walk, and I am leading with my favorite picture!

Our Little Bear is in the middle of this gorgeous snapshot capturing what life is all about!

 Heading in to the first turn of our walk.

Bear never misses a chance to have her picture taken!

 Hello Chocolate Shoppe!  We REALLY miss you!  See ya in May!

Tink waiting on Bear to come back.  Nope, she's not getting the concept of walking forward,
 BUT she totally gets the "big-up sister" ordering around thing!

Aren't these just the cutest bird house and feeder?  

Loved these next two garden keepers!

Can anyone tell me what kind of bush grows these beautiful purple berries?  
I am a huge sucker for anything purple!

Gotta love mums!

We do have an awesome small town don't we?

 We are walking right by our little theater that I told you about this summer!

And this looks like a fitting place to call an end to this post!  Hope you had a nice walk with us!  Join us again next year!  Bring your pet and a little pocket change! ;-)



  1. beautiful post and beautiful photos. Congrats on another successful year.

  2. Thanks for the great write up and pics, Lana!! May I borrow from you to send to the paper?

  3. What a nice thing to do, Lana.... Lots of good exercise --and beautiful views along the way.... Love those bird feeders/houses.... Cute!!!!

    And the yard art is pretty--but those poeple need to mow or edge....

    Glad you did it and took us with you. Now I've had my exercise for the day... ha ha


  4. Just love the photos. Feels like I was with you every step of the way, except I'm not hyperventilating!

    The princess's school had a Terry Fox run (yes RUN) at their school. I couldn't go because I injured my foot walking. I was glad I missed it because Charity ended up carrying the little missy (2 year old) for most of it! I sure would be pooped if I had to do my half!!! She said Georgianna would hold her arms out Titanic style and shout "Look at us go!"

  5. I just love the photo of Bear and her shadow! Looks like it was a great day.

  6. I love this!!! Your fave photo is my favorite too! I am such a fan of photos from that perspective!

  7. All nice photos, but especially enjoyed the ones of your girls. How cute!! :-)



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