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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walking,,, No...Running after My Husband with a Blue Bat!

I like to think of myself as a calm, rational person.  I used to be on medicine for it, but now I am flying solo and haven't killed anyone yet.....that was until this morning.  My husband should feel so lucky to be among the living after the stunt he pulled.

Let me explain.......it has to do with a mouse

In my house

That my cat caught this morning

Behind me while I was on the computer

And then...yep....you guessed it...She brought it to me

And it wasn't quite dead.

And I was standing on my dining room chair....without a phone to call Tall Guy.

Pumpkin let the mouse lie on the floor, and it must have been playing dead because suddenly it played ALIVE.

I made a jump to the living room, grabbed the phone, jumped on top of the couch and called Tall Guy to come in the house ASAP!

And miraculously he did.  About the time the mouse disappeared


Then he grabbed ... of all things...

the camera!  WHAT THE HECK!?!?! (by the way I am looking way happier than I was)

He told me to get him something to hit it with (sorry for anyone out there lovin' mice :-P) So I did

 (Dang!  I really am cleaning my house, just haven't made it to the dining room yet.) 

And we couldn't find the mouse.  It disappeared UNDER MY COMFY CHAIR!

And then he did it.  Tall Guy took the bat and hit the floor, making me think it had run toward me!!!

I screamed...well let's just leave it at that and not get too specific...and then I chased him with the bat.

and then I had to go to my doctor's appointment

And have my blood pressure checked among other things!  UGH!

Did I mention I have been up since 2:30 a.m.?



  1. Oh My Gosh-----a MOUSE.... I would be just like you---on top of the sofa or table or somewhere... I've never lived anywhere where there were mice EXCEPT one place... My first husband and I had moved to FL. Our house was not ready to move into--so we rented a little house on the water.... We never saw mice during the daytime--but could hear them at nights... I was a 'basket case' living there.... It was horrible!!!!

    Cute post---glad hubby came to your rescue --even though he teased you.... Glad you didn't 'hurt' him!!!!! ha


  2. Lol! I think it was nice of Tall Guy to take a pic for your blog ;)

  3. LOL--this happened to me a few weeks ago. Our cat found one and had it in it's mouth, and then wanted to meow at us for praise, and that was when the mouse ran away! I got up on a chair too, for almost 20 minutes. Now I have cotton balls full of peppermint oil around the house and haven't seen it since! Funny post.

  4. Peppermint oil? I haven't heard of that, but it's now on my list. I truly have no problem with the little heathens OUTSIDE; the issues start when they come in!

  5. Funny! Our 4 cats have been helpful. We used to have mice every year when it got cold. My big problem lately has been huge spiders!Maybe I need a blue baseball bat!

  6. My moms cats bring mice in from outside while they're still alive and kicking. When they get in the house the cats release them allowing the mice to escape. I'm glad dogs don't do this. It's too funny though!

  7. That was hilarious! Have you decided that it was worth going through in order to have such a great story? No? I don't think I would either. Love your cat!

  8. Ha! that is a funny story, and very similar to a story of mine. well, minus the blue baseball bat. i was doing my hair before work, and the cat came into the bedroom with this thing dangling in her mouth. my thought was, my that mouse doesn't look like her toy mice, what is that one? and then she drops it, it runs, she chases it. high pitched squeaking comes from me, i jump on the chair, i call the boyfriend to ask what to do. it runs downstairs, the cat chases it down. i was very afraid of what i'd find when i came home...my coworkers told me that cats take out the innards! is that real? yuck!

  9. I tried the peppermint oil thing, and still had a mouse. Guess he liked it.

  10. You are lucky that he was only armed with a bat!
    I'm reasonably confident MY husband would've grabbed a .22 rifle!!!

    Lana, you are a farm girl now! You've gotta man-up and whack your own mice!

  11. lol! You soooo crack me up. I probably would have done the same thing! ;)



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