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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Walking Through the Feast of the Hunters' Moon Part 2 : Crafts & Foods

Ok, Ready for Round Two?  This is still going to be picture heavy so I will try to keep the chit chat down to a minimum .... (HEY!  I can hear you!  Quit giggling!  I really think I can be....oh DANG IT!)

First some unfinished business from yesterday.  I mentioned that the priest landed, but I forgot to add the pictures!     He came from up river, the Wabash River.  This beautiful lady travels from the eastern part of the state and runs west to our neck of the woods.  Then she takes a turn south and creates the southwestern border of our state.

Some of the canoes that brought everyone in this morning.

 Everyone pitches in bringing in the boat.

And now we have a blessing from the Father.

 Now the rest of the pictures are a collection of our day.  A bit of food and a bit of crafting.  This gentleman is stoking the fire by blowing in a tube.  All food cooked is cooked as it would have been in the olden days, or as much as possible.  I did see a few thermometers in pots to test the heat of the oils. 

Some very fresh milk from a sharing goat.

Beads are a big staple at The Feast.  Bear made her own necklace.....

and Tink created her own bracelet.  All tied with knots.  

I believe this lady was boiling water along side some yummy pots of frying fish.  
We had roasted chicken, and it was so yummy it didn't last long enough for a picture.
Buffalo stew and burgers are a big staple here too.

Remember the old Daniel Boone show where he threw the hatchet in to the log?
This is apparently much more difficult than some think.
We stood there and watched several take their turn, and only one
gentleman was successful!  NOT this one though.

 This is an old fashioned lathe or some such tool that carved designs in to 
the legs of chairs and tables.

Here we have some very intricate lace work going on.
The wonderful lady behind all the strings kind of moves them
over and under each other and around all these pins to create
her design, in this case a heart.

This lady was making a chain of lace.  All it is is a series of knots, but 
it looks much more complicated, especially as the string gets more fine.

More beadwork

I had to snap these two pictures for all my gourdy friends, including Miss Ann!

There were several booths selling wool, but this lady took it a step
 further and made her own yarn, which she later weaves into cloth
and makes clothes like those hanging behind her.

This trio just happened to catch my eye!

One of our last stops found us at the rope making booth where Tink and 
Bear showed a bit of team work to make some rope.

This might look like just a snapshot of people, but it actually the line for

Check out the old time ovens used for baking these heavenly creations!

It is still kind of hard to see the finished product, but
believe me, they were delightfully delicious!

We enjoyed these two brothers' juggling act as we ate our apple dumplings.
They were very entertaining.  Can you tell they are juggling knives 
in this picture?  The girls loved watching them!
They also juggled those huge things in at the bottom of the picture!

Alrighty, that is the end of our trip back in time.  The girls had a great time; I don't think they have ever had such an up close and personal visit to the 1700's.  Next year the Feast runs September 24-25.  Mark your calendars now! 


  1. "(HEY! I can hear you! Quit giggling! I really think I can be....oh DANG IT!)" OH NO! I don't know you could actually hear me when I look at your blog. However, I wasn't giggling I had something caught in my throat :):). This looks like a really great get together with some really neat activities. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The lady making the chain of lace with knots was doing tatting. My mom does it and it's not too difficult.

    Oh I would LOVE to try out an old time oven. That must definitely be an art. Thanks for the pics Lana! You've helped it feel much more fall like here in my new home!

  3. wow, what a wonderful set of pictures! What a wonderful time!

  4. I've never heard of this event (other than from your previous post) but what a way to spend the day! Your girls will remember this for years to come....I love how it's really authentic and doesn't have all the tacky souvenir things that can sometimes muddy the waters at tourist events. i'm so glad you shared this with us! Happy humpday lady! xoxo

  5. This looks like such a great time, Lana!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Lana for showing such gorgeous pictures from the Feast of the Hunters' Moon... What an educational experience for your daughters... Thanks again for sharing.

  7. You are sooo good about getting your pics loaded into your computer sooooo fast. I need to follow in your steps.....

  8. HMMM I think that little red lace being made is called Tatting... I have a 42nd cousin once removed (the name we gave to very distant relatives) and left behind a lot of beautiful tatted pieces... She even tatted the Christening bonnet and booties my daughter wore...

  9. Those living history events are so much fun! I bet your girls just loved it. Thanks for the great photos!

  10. This looks so great and your girls looked like they were having a wonderful time. And, no doubt, learned a few things in the process.

  11. Great photos! My in-laws attended the festival last weekend...small world!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and I'll have to remember to pick up those green cloches!

    Kat :)

  12. I enjoyed seeing the gourds. That was fun enjoyed the tour also Love apple dumplings

  13. Looks like a lot of fun....outdoor festivities in the Fall are always so lovely aren't they? The river looks so tranquil and peaceful :) Thanks for stopping by our site - happy to have found yours to follow!

  14. Lana,
    There is an award waiting for you over at my blog. Participate as much or little as you wish, but enjoy the award!



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