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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Walking Through the Indiana State Museum and Scratching My Head!

Well, in another first, Tall Guy and I took a day off during the girls' Fall Break to take a trip to the BIG TOWN, Indianapolis.  Tall Guy is NOT a fan of urban sprawl, and it's a bit of a chore to coax him off the farm to share space with thousands of people, even if on this trip those thousands included a gazillion "blue coats" as Indianapolis hosted the National FFA Convention this weekend.  We saw them at the zoo and all over the area of downtown we were in as we visited the Indiana State Museum.  Sorry, Jane, but the Eiteljorg will have to wait for another day.  So much to do....so little time!

I will share some pictures from this adventure in the days to come,, but I want to start off with a bit of an oddity:

Isn't this a kind of pretty piece of art?  It's from our Victorian past, and I can see there is definitely artistry and talent involved here.  I am reminding of the lace making and tatting we saw a few weeks back at The Feast of the Hunters' Moon.  Then I found myself just a bit creeped out when I read the card that decribed what I was looking at:

This kind of art has totally escaped my radar all my..... well......many years on earth, and I am the daughter of a history teacher?!?!?!?  Have you heard of such a way to honor the dead?  Do you have something like this in the family heirloom drawer?  I would say in honor of Halloween, it's time to get such antiquities out for public display!


  1. Eww, kinda creepy...yet oddly fascinating. Sorry, i don't have any family memoribilia like that laying around. I do remember seeing old (before 1900 I'm guessing)pictures my grandma had of a dead child in a coffin. I think it was one of those things when photos were very rare so it was taken to remember a child.

  2. I have seen these before on tours of old homes. Very interesting, but unusual to say the least. My niece was one of the "blue coats" in Indianapolis this past week. She sang in the talent competition at the convention.

  3. Yeah, that is kinda creepy, huh! Those Victorians had a weird sense of beauty. :-)

  4. Lana
    I really don't want to go back that far. It takes all kinds to make the world go round

  5. ugh! but, as was commented, kinda fascinating...
    mom and i were down there thursday and saw all kinds of "blue coats"! they were very friendly! we even parked at the eitljorg parking lot! what a small world...

  6. Eeeww! I was really appreciating the art until I read that. :) Can't say I ever heard of such as thing. I did learn of people taking their loved one's remains and making diamonds out of it though. That probably sounds creepy too but for some reason didn't creep me out near as much as the hair thing. :)

  7. EWWWW I hate hair off of anybody's head - once detached it is trash!

  8. I thought it was pretty too...until you said what it was! If I had that I would donate it too, just to get it out of my home!!! Doug has a deer skin & a few rabbits that are in the basement, there is no way I could have those up where we live, I just feel like it is dirty, how would you dust that??? On a lighter note, he is the same way when it comes to going to the city ; ) he's never had a root canal but I have a feeling he would volunteer if it would get him out of going, lol

  9. Veeerrryyy interesting... and weird...lol!



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