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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Walking to the Kitchen for Hunk of Meat Monday and Gooseberry Patch's Best-Ever Lasagna!

I need to use my crock pot more often!  Trying to decide on dinner just wears me out some days, so when I saw that Gooseberry Patch was having a cookbook sale, and I had drooled over the "Goode" stuff my friend Cris at GOODEness Gracicious is making on her Julie/Julia trip through Gooseberry's cookbook, Mom's Favorite Recipes , I thought I would give it all a try.

One of the books I purchased is 101 Slow-Cooker Recipes, and on page 47, there is a recipe for Best Ever Lasagna! Looks yummy so let's git'er dun!

First, I have to get my Hunk of Meat, which was in the freezer all packaged nicely and raised right out in our pasture!  The recipe calls for one pound of ground beef, but we like our beef, so two is much better!

This is my wonderful Pampered Chef steamer that cooks 
my two pounds of ground beef in 5 minutes!  

Just put the meat in the pot, kind of break it apart, and add about a 1/3 cup of water or so.
Wish I had that cool Pampered Chef chopper thingy my friend Leah at Beyer Beware is always talking about!

Pst.!  The bright white behind this picture is the bottom of my kitchen sink!
Woooo!  Yea Me!

Poof!  In five minutes it is cooked, AND the fat is separated from the meat!
That green in there is the reflection of my still-living lima bean plants!
Tune in tomorrow for an update on them!
 See the shine from my sink?

Put the lid back on, and it's a very easy trick to drain the water and fat out of the meat.
It's even easier if you are NOT trying to pour and take a picture at the same time!
Gonna have to shine my sink after this!

Here are the rest of the ingredients!
 First layer in the pot sprayed with cooking oil:  Noodles

Next add half of the hamburger.

Then half the sauce (I used more than the recipe called for because I added more meat!)

Half of the mushrooms.

Half of the Ricotta cheese
( I mixed it up a bit with the sauce)

Half of the Mozzarella cheese

Now go back and review the last six pictures so that you have two layers!
I added a top layer of noodles before adding the last half of the mozzarella cheese.
This recipe calls for 1/3 cup water, but it doesn't say where/when to add it,
so I poured it over the whole thing before putting on the lid.

Cover and cook on low for five hours


The finished product!
Actually this is Tall Guy's second helping!
Here is the list of ingredients for the recipe:

1 lb. ground beef, browned and drained
1 t.   Italian seasoning
8      Lasagna noodles (or how ever many it takes to cover your pot twice)
28 oz. jar of spaghetti sauce (I used a bit more than that)
1/3 cup water
4 oz. can of mushrooms
15 oz. container of ricotta cheese
8 oz. pkg. of mozzarella cheese
Garnish with Parmesan cheese

Toss a salad together, and you have a great meal waiting on you when you get home!  Enjoy!

Hunk of Meat Mondays



  1. That sure looks good. Funny I also made lasagna for supper tonight

  2. I've never done lasagna in a crock pot. Too cool!
    Come over to my Blog Barn Party this week.

  3. OOOOOHH!! What a beautiful sink!! Oh, the lasagna looks pretty good too...lol! I'm going to have to try that this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. That is just the book I'd get too! That looks yummy. I love to use my Crockpot. It's so easy and you end up with a great meal for the fam!

    By the way, we drove past your place yesterday. We were driving through northern Indiana on Hwy. 65 and came upon all those amazing wind turbines and I said to Kevin, 'This has to be where Lana lives!' so I looked you up on the map and sure enough! It was all I could do to keep from getting out of the car and looking you up - to see which of those HUGE farms is yours! :-)

  5. I have that same GBP cookbook AND I have made that recipe. I love how the noodle get crunchy on the outside---mmm delicious.

  6. I've never made lasagna in the crock pot.
    Some things just get too done when they have to sit for 10 hours. Sometimes I think I should plug it in at my office and bring it home hot (or just eat in the car and save time!! haha!).

    I'm passing along an award I received over at my blog:

  7. Great recipe and my kids love lasagne, so even better.

  8. Gosh ---that made my mouth water, Lana... That looks incredible.... That's my kind of meal ... Easy --and delicious!!!!!!

    I remember when I worked fulltime, it was wonderful putting dinner in the crockpot when I went to work. Then when i got home, dinner was ready --and the house smelled so good... LOVED it.


  9. Lasagna in the crock pot sounds like such a time saver! I am going to have to try it.

  10. Just stopping by from Hunk of Meat Monday. Your Crock Pot Lasagna looks wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  11. Blog Hoppin' from Hunk of Meat Monday...
    I love lasagna, love Gooseberry Patch recipes and I love my slow cooker...can't wait to try this recipe.

  12. Yum! I've never made crock pot lasagna but it looks really good. : )

  13. YUM!!! I'll have to try that out...unless you feel compelled to bring some my way

  14. Looks amazing! And you have a pampered chef product I don't have!! Welcome to gooseberry patch cult...

  15. Mmmm...looks yummy, Lana. I've never used my PC steamer for meat! Now I have to try that! The sink is looking fabulous! :)



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