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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walking to the Pumpkin Patch with Benton County Young Farmers

It's officially fall!  Yeah, I know it's been fall for a while, but I just had my pumpkin patch visit, so now I'm really in the mood for all that fall offers us.

Last night a bunch of us gathered at our very own pumpkin patch right here in our own county, Millennium Farms.  Chris and Dawn Schakel do an incredible job every year turning their sheep and grain farm into fall's version of a winter wonderland.   They have it all: a maze of hay bales, picked pumpkins, gourds, and mums for sale, a petting zoo/ young animal farm, pedal go carts, bonfire spots, and the great hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick you own pumpkin!  WOOO!  Our Benton County Farm Bureau gathered young farmers, some what we call "farm widows" who were without husbands because they were still out finishing up harvest, and the kiddies for a great night!

I took some pictures early to get my fall mojo on:

Ok, time to add some people to the pictures!  NO, the person below on the right is not one of the children!

Future Farmers, farmettes?,  of America off to tackle the hay maze.

 Can't you just hear these three chatting at the coffee shop in, oh, about 50 years or so?

Time to load up the troops and find us some pumpkins!
Maybe we will see Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin!

Hear we are, all ready to ride in style, GREEN style, to find our pumpkins.

1..2..3..4..Yep!  It's the Four Ransoms!  
Daddy Ransom made a special stop in the fields to be with his family tonight!
Lauren is my blogging and fellow Real FarmWives of America buddy over at Four Ransom's.

Well Dang!  Someone grabbed my camera and took my picture with Bear and  Tink!  
Thanks Harley!


Our group leader, Miss Carrie, texting those who came late, telling them to 
go ahead and eat, and we will be back soon!

Awesome Family Kodak Moment

 Time to put out the grub for the young ones, and yeah, we older ones 
were ready to eat too!  We ALWAYS eat well at Farm Bureau functions!

We didn't have a black cat around, but this furry one helped clean up a 
cupcake that didn't hit its mark.!  Thanks kitty!

So, we all toodled home about the time the sun set.  Most of us got to drive by the high school and see the lights on the football field as the home team was playing.  Ah memories of high school football.  Love that sport!

Well, I had better go get our pumpkins out of the van and try to figure out how we are going to deocroate them this year.  Up to now the girls have enjoyed painting them, but I have a hankering for pumpkin seeds, all roasted and salty, so we might just try our hand at carving them this year.

Do you have your jack-o-lanterns out yet?  I am sure ours will make a visit to the blog once they are all ready for display.  Have a great weekend!

Oh!  Sink is still shiny, the girls room may just be ready for public viewing by the end of the week, and I am slowly working my way through the house.  Think I may call in professional reinforcements for my scrapbook and office stuff!  The rest I think I can handle.  More pictures on the cleaning thing coming next week!

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  1. Awesome pics Lana! The first of the pumpkins is my favorite. Looks like fun was had by all :)

  2. Your pictures are GREAT!
    Just finished carving out pumpkins!

  3. Pumpkin patches are always fun Picked up 7 the other day at a stand the honor system he has them priced you pick and put money in the metal box.
    Took 2 to my daughter 2 to the shop and 3 for me Always like pumpkins to decorate the steps
    Your pictures are great

  4. Hi Lana, I love Pumpkin Patches ... Sounds like you all have a great one in your area... When I worked in Texas and also in Hendersonville, TN--both churches had Pumpkin Patches --and they were so popular with the community... Did you go home with lots of great decorations for your home????

    Glad you are making headway with your house cleaning.

  5. Wonderful photos! These are great. Looks like such a fun time. :-)

  6. What a wonderful way to spend the day. LOVE all the pics... I usually get to the pumpkin patch when there is little left to choose from. And since I live in a condo (no tricker treaters) and my kids are grown, I don't do a Jack O Lantern but usually a couple nice pumpkins for color on the porch.

  7. Great pictures Lana. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This looks like a lot of fun. And, some great pictures! I love fall and decorating with pumpkins.

  9. Lovely photos :)

    I hopped over from the weekend blog hop and added you on GFC. Please consider following me back at my new blog, which will qualify you to enter my Starbucks Giftcard giveaway!


  10. sounds like a fantastic time! your pumpkin photos are professional quality lady! glad you all got to do this....i gotta find a good patch myself! xoxo

  11. Feel like I'm in the pumpkin patch!

    Have a nice autumn!

  12. I've driven by these types of farms before but haven't yet indulged in gettting a pumpking straight out of the patch yet! Great pictures though!

  13. You always have such great pics, Lana. Looks like a great time! :)

  14. Found you through the Blog Hops.

    How much fun it looks like you all had at the pumpkin patch!

    Hope you will visit either or both of my blogs and follow.

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    Jessicas Lil Corner-http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com



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