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Monday, October 25, 2010

Walking with the Cows on Hunk of Meat Monday

I wanted to have a recipe all ready for Leah's Hunk of Meat Monday, but the cooking gods were not with me, so.......... I thought I would talk about the big Hunk Of Meat coming to my freezer tomorrow.  Yep! Make room for a quarter of beef Mr. Freezer!  Pick-up is tomorrow. 

We raise feeder cows.  My husband's family even did their own butchering for, like 40 some years.  We just started sending the meat out to a local processor in the last three years because it is just a bit too crazy to watch my husband carrying a half a steer on his shoulders from the toolshed to the milk house where we set up shop to cut the meat.  He has had three back surgeries, and there is usually snow and ice out when we would butcher. 

I have helped several times, and it's not a bad thing, although if you don't like to cut up a chicken, you would probably not like it.  We had the whole family here plus some great good friends, and it took the whole day.  We would have fresh hamburger grilled up for lunch, and everyone had a great time. 

Now we just gather for other fun events, and pick up our meat at the butcher's shop.  You know, I have sold several cows on Facebook.  In this day and age, people like to know where their beef comes from.  This year, we have beef going out of state.  One half is headed to North Carolina when a former student comes home to hunt later this fall. 

Next week I hope to have my Cheeseburger Pie recipe all ready to share with you, but for now I need to go make room for some hamburger and steaks!  Wooo!

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  1. I have lots of fond memories butchering pigs and deer. It was always great to have the whole family there, multi generations and even the kids were put to work, even in the cold weather. I never felt left out. Plus Grandma always had something in the kitchen to warm us up.

    Can't say I have fond memories of butchering chickens though. It always involved boiling water in the middle of the summer and sticky feathers :(

  2. People here in our area still butcher their own beef and hogs. In fact, I went for a run once and came across a local family with a hog hanging from a tree. Not what I was expecting!

  3. wow, impressive! I can't believe that you sold some on Facebook!

  4. Check out my blog. You won a giveaway from the barn party!

  5. My parents just brought over a half of beef for me from the locker in Watseka. God bless cattle farmers! Thanks for linking up and sharing your freezer beef story!

  6. boy, do i remember butchering day! at first it would gross me out, but then it wasn't so bad. and besides, the fresh meat was sooooo good! i'm hoping that now we have a house, we can get a good freezer and possibly buy some meat from you! yummy!!

  7. your cows are cute....i know part of me would not make a good farmgirl....but i sure do love some hunk of meat! your lasagna looked great by the way!

  8. wow, selling your cows on facebook.... I love me a hunk o meat but I can't see the face of my future meal tho. :o(



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