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Friday, October 8, 2010

Walking with the FlyLady Day 2

Oh My Gosh!  Do you have a few minutes?  You have to watch this video of the FlyLady trying to unfold and fold one of her products.  If you need a laugh, you just cannot watch this without laughing!

The De-Cluttering Kit

You know with that sweet Southern voice, and the very human moments she allows us to see, I think I have found a new best friend !  What's not to love?  Oh yeah, She wants me to clean my house. Let's see how "Shining the Sink" went yesterday:

Hmmm.... Maybe I should have taken a close up so you could see the "trouble spots."  
Believe me, they are there!

Adding the bleach.
Would you believe I had to scurry all over my house to find bleach?
I would!
I left my scouring cloth and veggie brush in the water.
They could benefit from the bleach soak A LOT!

The bleach has been unused in a corner for a while!

white foamy bubbles....

After the bleaching, and now the scrubbing and scouring begins!

Hope Tink was done with this toothbrush!

A shiny clean sink! Faucet, drain stuff, and all!

I even started my "Give Away" box!  
(pst!  Don't go for that coffee mug!  It leaks!)

Sigh.... One spot clean.....  Many more to go!
My office dining room table is a Hot Spot I am going to tackle very soon!
Just in case anyone is wondering what the lovely plants are growing in my window, it's Tink's project from school.


Now what the heck I am going to do with them????  I don't even like lima beans, and this is not the time to put them out in the garden.  Anyone?? 

I will try to update you once a week on my cleaning endeavors, but I really recommend you jump on board with me.  I need to know I am not alone out there in the universal struggle between chaos and order.

Now I am going to clean out my sink at night and in the morning IF I can get out of bed!  I went to my first Zumba class tonight, and I have a feeling my body parts are going to sign a petition to strike while I sleep, meaning I won't be getting out of bed without a struggle!  Sigh... the things we do to stay young and fit !  OIY!


  1. needing a flyguy...for the outside

  2. I am so proud of you! Looks wonderful and clean!

  3. "It's progress, not perfection!" You go, girl! My sink is winking at yours! Doesn't just that little bit feel good. :)

  4. I'm proud of you for tackling that sink...and your table. I'm going to clean my sink today too! We're with you.

    Oh, and if I lived closer I would take those plants off your hands, ha!

  5. Wow, I'm impressed! Your sink is gleaming!

  6. Yay you! I actually had to soak something in bleach water in my sink last week. I got lazy and left it in overnight. The next morning..ta-da! My sink looked brand new. :)

  7. HI Lana, Wow---that sink is spotless.... Wow--you did a great job.... I'm sure you will show us your dining room table ---all clean and pretty soon... You are going to get it all done... And --as I said yesterday, get those little girls to help you keep it clean and to pick up after themselves.

    Good Luck.... I love Limas.....Wish I lived closer. I would take them off of your hands... ha ha


  8. Okay, I'm going to try to follow along with you. Did you know Nester is doing 31 days to a less messy house this month?

    I use toilet bowl cleaner in my sink. Works great. :)

  9. Fly Lady would keel over and die if she saw my house! My green house looks lovely. Does that count for anything?

  10. This is my first visit and I'm lovin' you already! Your table would feel right at home in my house. I'm very familiar with Fly Lady. I'll be watching with interest to see if you can make it work for you. Good luck!

  11. Cracked me up... SEE it isn't too painful to show a pick.. you wait til you see the next pics on my upstairs soon to be bedroom...

  12. I always love that feeling after I get a space in the house clean! Even if it is only clean for a little while!

  13. I fell off the FlyLady wagon a long time ago.
    But I think about her everytime I see gunk in my sink. That's the ONE FlyLady thing I do fairly regularly. And, she's right. It makes me feel like I accomplished something with a shiny sink.
    Cleaning up would be so much easier if I lived alone!!!

  14. Love that sparkling white sink. It is beautiful.

    My bleach bottle looks a lot like yours because I hate the smell of bleach (it always gives me a headache) - which comes in handy because I can get hubby to do the bleach jobs for me. Hey! Do you think I could talk him into cleaning the sink for me every night now?

    Lana, you are an inspiration to us all!

    PS I peed my pants watching the fly lady try to fold that basket. I have a Snow White's playhouse for the princesses just like it - only 5 times bigger - so you know how much fun I've had folding that thing too!



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