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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walking with Going Jane and Her Cupcakes Plus a Surprise on Top!


I have two birthday parties coming up next month, and this is the first time we are having "friend parties."  I have three diplomas somewhere in this house with my name on them, but they are not helping me figure out how to entertain 6 and 8 year olds for two-three hours.  Bear is having a tea pot themed party, and Tink is all about Wizards of Waverley Place.  I would LOVE for you to send me any ideas/suggestions/games/mileage from my house to yours!  I could promise to proofread your kids essays when the time comes :-)  SERIOUSLY!  Here's what I have in the way of food ideas so far:

I have been scouring the web and cookbooks for ideas for birthday "stuff" since I have two little girls getting a year older next month!  ACK!  I came up with one I wanted to try, and it was a combination of two ideas, one from Real Simple and the other....well... I couldn't remember where I read about it until I was responding to Going Jane's tale of her husband's attempt to follow directions.  Too funny by the way! ;-)

I saw the cupcakes on her side bar and said to myself, "Ah Ha!"  So here are Miss Jane's cupcakes with a Real Simple ending:

Make any kind of cupcake you wish.  I, of course, had to make the DARK CHOCOLATE version.

I took the package of already made up Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies because I was in a hurry.  Just cut off a bit from the dough, roll it between your palms, and plop it in the cupcake mix.

 DANG!  Tink loves her chocolate almost as much as I do.  Bear?  Not so much.  I told Tink to take off her school shirt before she... uhm... licked cleaned off the beaters.  Whew!  I've seen her "clean" beaters before!

Now, when the muffins are about 3-4 minutes from being done, add the Real Simple ending.  Are you ready?

Real Simple's best ever way to top a cupcake:

 Just pop them right on the cupcake, as close to the middle as you can ,and let them finish baking!

Mine puffed up and out, but I didn't see them flattening out, so I had to help them along with a little tap on top!

There they are, all nice and ready to cool for eating.  NO MESSY ICING!  Woooooooooooooo!

Yummy in the inside too, just like Miss Jane's!

My entry for the 4-H judge!  One out of 12 came out 4-H perfect, but they were all good!


  1. mmm, they look lovely AND I love that cupcake smile.

  2. I'm in sugar overload just from the pictures!
    When my girls were that age we did a few games:
    1. a theme-related variation of pin the tail on the donkey (pin the sugar cube on the tea cup or something?)
    and (this was popular)
    2. I got a cute jar at the dollar store and filled it with M&Ms or something and everyone had to guess how many to win it.

    Crafts were always good, including decorate your own cupcake (which, by the way, saves the hassle of decorating ahead of time!!!)
    Michael's has tons of fun foam things to decorate or do crafts with. We did little refrigerator magnets one year (for a doggie party). All the girls loved doing those and taking them home.

    It's so much easier for me now--food, cake and a few bottles of nail polish and they entertain themselves!!
    Good luck!

  3. Oh I love the looks of those cupcakes! I have just the party to use them for too.

    Let's see party ideas....hmmmm...let me think a bit and get back to you on that.

  4. Oh My, I think I'm in love. Everything is better with marshmellow on top!

  5. OMG!! I so want a cupcake right now!!!

  6. I think you are doing alright there mama! Yum!

  7. Those cupcakes look amazing!

    I think for birthday parties, a craft idea is a great idea. One of the best things about going to a birthday party as a kid was going home with something. Either a craft made at the party, or a goody bag with some treats. (Don't forget a goody bag for the birthday girl too, but have her hand out the gift bags to her friends and thank them for coming.)

    Another great thing to do is to transform the room that the party will be held in. (or just one room if the party will be in multiple rooms)
    You can do this with inexpensive items from around the house or the dollar store. Use tablecloths and decorations everywhere, make the room feel special. I love getting out decorations at non-holiday times to use them. For example, Christmas tree lights (plain white works all the time) or Halloween items for the Wizard themed party.
    Purple is a great color for both parties, you can reuse plastic purple table cloths from the dollar store for both parties. You can drape them over the furniture with some creative lighting to really transform the place.

    If you have a printer at home (color works best) print out pictures of the characters from the show to put around the room (or temporarily put them in frames to make it look really nice). You could also use pictures from Alice in Wonderland for the teapot party.

    Sounds like fun! I love kids parties!

  8. I don't know that they covered cupcakes or party planning in any of the courses I took to get my diplomas. They look good enough to eat though! Hope it all goes well, and no fair getting together with Jane and not inviting the rest of the bloggy buddies. :)

  9. OH man, oh man, oh man, do those look good!

  10. OH YUM. I def plan on trying that one....

  11. I'll have to remember this for when the grandkids are out. They'd LOVE THEM!! :-)

  12. @ Ott, A.~ Jane wasn't HERE in the real sense; I was just visiting her blog! Hopefully I can make the next brown bag and visit in person with everyone!

  13. Yum yum yum! i'm such a marshmallow fan! love these! xoxo

  14. These are some good looking cupcakes!

  15. It was a virtual get together for us! And that works sometimes, too! I'm glad you liked them, and I LOVE the marshmallow idea! :)



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