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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walking with the Lima Beans and Some Updates

Remember my grumblings about Tink's lima bean plants that seem to be thriving despite my lack of affection for them?  Click here if you need a refresher.

Well, one night they were just four plants in a styrofoam cup, then one morning we came down to this:

Did you see it?  Here is a closer look! 

Pardon the flyspecks on my blind stick thingy, but 


I don't dare spray it with Windex! 

NOW what am I going to do with this plant?  It's hanging on for dear life?  I may have to bite the bullet and re-pot the darned things in a bigger home.


Uhmmmm.......no sign of the mouse since the evil day.  Pumpkin still goes on alert status once in a while, but no visuals since Thursday.

We are officially DONE with harvest after Steve cut the last double crop beans Sunday evening.  WOOO!  Now time to finish up ground work just in case it ever decides to rain here again!

You gals over 40 will LOVE this. You younger ones take notes! According to my doctor's visit, I seem to be in stellar health except for this very annoying inability to sleep.  With our little girls running around, a mom in full menopause really needs to sleep!  My new doc wanted to put me on a cheap ($4.00 at Wal-Mart) but effective anit-depressant to help with sleep and general moodiness some people say I am exhibiting! 

(If this person wouldn't scare the crap out of me with a blue bat and invisible mouse, I might not be so moody, just sayin'!) 

Anywho.....I didn't want to go back on those darned things; I just want to SLEEP!  So he prescribed the butterfly medicine, and I went to pick up the prescription, only to find out my insurance wouldn't cover it because insomnia falls under mental health, and they will not cover that.  We are paying $185.00 out of pocket!  That's like $6 something a pill!  I should probably just go out and have one or two healthy LONG ISLAND ICED TEAS from HARRY'S CHOCOLATE SHOP, but it's too far of a drive to campus!  You Boilermakers know what I am talking about!  Now I AM starting to feel mental!  UGH!  Gotta go back and talk to my doc to see if he can code it differently since insomnia is also a very well know side effect of menopause!  Oy!


Deep cleansing breath.......

counting to 12,654,789.....

Since I took my little blue butterfly pill, I suppose I should better end this and float on up to bed.  Sweet dreams out there and have a great day!


  1. Geez for that kind of money those little pills should take care of everything and then some!

  2. Lol! I think I'd make the drive for the drink... ;)

  3. Holy Cow! That is a lot of money. Cris is right....it should fix everything!

  4. Know what you are talking about. I am still there and 70 years young so better get something else I use a Benadryl works good for 6 hours How much sleep do we need, better than nothing.

  5. I think you should keep the lima bean plants growing. Looks like it likes where you have it they way it has taken off.

  6. It feels like we're always chasing the perfect sleep, and missing it for different reasons throughout life. Too many late nights when we're young, too many short nights with young kids, and then when they're old enough to sleep thru the night and we're old enough to sleep rather than burn the candle at both ends - we can't fall asleep anymore due to harmones in upheaval. What kind of dirty trick is that?!

    Pst! This is Cassiopeia.

  7. I am your new follower!

    I am already your follower :) I invite you to check out my "Christmas Cheer"..don't miss it!




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