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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walking with My New Best Friend!

Woo Hoo!  This morning was a rather peaceful morning!  Both girls were dressed and ready to go a full FIFTEEN MINUTES before the bus was scheduled to arrive, and I owe it all to my new best friend!


What?  Did you say, "Lana, you have got to have like FIVE timers in your house already!"  Well Dang!  Yes I do, but you know what?  NONE OF THEM TICK!  Yep!  It's all in the SOUND of time passing.  Bear was chewing to the beat, and Tink's perception of time took new leaps and bounds.  For those of you who remember that fun game show "Beat the Clock," I think Tink would be a natural!

Now, what to do with me.... see my internal alarm clock/timer went off about 2:30 this morning.  UGH!  Going to see the doctor today and ask, beg, plead for something that will help me sleep the night through.  I do not want to go back to the dreaded two hours of sleep a day shtick I did for four years.  I tried to go off the sleep meds; actually, they kind of quit working.  Time to find a new trick to solve this sleep puzzle.  Oh the joys of being 40-something!

Have a great day out there!

P.S. You would be laughing at me if you were here watching as I sat here trying to clean off my computer screen so my time looked clean only to realize THE TIMER IS dirty.  Sigh...too tired to walk over, clean it, take another picture, and post it.  My sink is still very clean, along with the outside of my stove and microwave!  WOOO!  I will keep you posted on my daily walk with the FlyLady, but we ARE going places. In fact I actually purchased the timer to come up stairs with me so I can do my 15 minute cleans.  Check my blog titles over to the left, and look for FlyLady to catch up on the fun.

P.S.S.  Not sure why I am capitalizing all my words today.  Maybe I am trying to talk louder so I can stay awake???  :-)


  1. Good luck with the sleep thing. I like the idea of a ticking timer. My boys started the school year so well it's slowly been taking them longer and longer to get ready for school in the morning. this really might help.

  2. lol. You're too funny. I use a timer at home to clean, and also with my students to get them to work. it works great!

  3. I'm having a similar sleep issue...IF I am awakened between 2 and 3:30, I UP. There is no going back to sleep. Sure makes for a long day.

  4. I just KNEW that the timer had to do with FLY LADY hahahhaa. I feel for you on the sleep issue. I have had probs since 1995 so guess that is 15 years. WHOA... times seem to come and go and keep in mind you are a mom of young children and your body is always on the READY, ready for action if needed, so you probably hear every little noise and wake up. EVEN if you don't actually think you heard anything.

  5. yay!! Here's to more minutes in your day!

  6. I used to get up between 5:30 - 6:00 every morning (my cat woke me up for snuggles - no need for an alarm clock.)

    In the new house he still snuggles me at that time but then I got back to sleep until 7:00 when the alarm wakes me up. Isn't that crazy?

    I think it's because we use the alarm on my husband's phone that is a Cuban song so we get up and dance around to it. It gets louder and louder until he turns it off so we laugh at how loud it can get and still not wake up the son sleeping in the room next to us who should be getting up for school too.

    So glad hubby is finally getting over his heart attack of two years ago and can get up the same time in the morning as I do now.

  7. I think it is indeed a 40 something issue as I have the same issue - plus I can feel absolutely zonked out go to bed and lie there for an hour or so before I actually fall asleep!!

    A game I play (when I'm home alone) is to put all the jobs that need doing on a pieces of paper in a hat then pull a piece a paper do the job listed then go on to the next one - that way I don't know what I'm doing next!!!! LOL

  8. Maybe I need one of these in my house!

  9. Wait..it's part of age to get up in the night and not sleep well. That explains it! :(

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