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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walking with Trick or Treaters

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned at least once that I am not a huge fan of Halloween.  Two huge reasons are

I don't like to be scared.

I don't like the way some people act during this event by letting their inner vandal come out.

That last one might be a bit jaded, but after teaching high school for 18 years and hearing about all the egging, t-ping, and smashing of family pumpkins, it just kind of put me off the whole event.

BUT I am now a mother and kind of have to suck it up for the girls, so for the last four years we have gone trick or treating.

There is a town north of us, Earl Park, that puts on, thanks to some dedicated volunteers including some of my good friends, a community Halloween party and scary walk.  All the kids come as costumed as they and their parents can stand it, eat hot dogs, hop up on the stage with their age group for judging, receive a HUGE bag of candy for their efforts, and are then taken home fighting the expected sugar high the whole way back.  I like it! (Ok, I did NOT go on the scary walk.  Reliving The Birds is enough for me!)

Then last year we added our lovely town's Halloween party to the mix.  Businesses opened their doors, streets were shut down, and all the ghosts, princesses, Jedi masters, and other creatures roamed the street in search of the perfect treat.

This year, we again visited Fowler's Halloween festivities, and guess who came with us!  DADDY!  This is a fall of firsts for him!  We went to the Feast of the Hunters' Moon in OCTOBER, we visited the Indianapolis Zoo and Indiana State Museum in OCTOBER, he carved his first pumpkin EVER in OCTOBER, and he came trick or treating in OCTOBER!  Earl Park is Halloween night, but here is a glimpse of last nights fun, and in the same vein as my last post, a few pics from Halloweens gone by.

 2007 ~ Fairies

 2008 ~ Princesses and Painted Pumpkins
 Tall Guy was embracing his Evan Almighty self!  ugh!
Me embracing food in general!  ugh!

2009 ~ Selena Gomez and Hannah Montana

2010 ~ a Blushing Bride and a Fifties Girl

Watching everyone being judged with a friend

Streets are closed!  Please drive around!

Ahhhhhhh..... the perfect end to the perfect day.  LOVE the clouds God put in the sky tonight!

I think I will call this one a TREAT! 


  1. I love watching your girls grow in pictures. What a gorgeous sunset! Happy weekend.

  2. Your girls are so cute. Love how like to dress to the same theme.

    I'm with you. I'm not really into Halloween. Living in the country, we didn't have kids trick or treat at our house before. Have no idea how many kids we'll get at our new house. Hubby wants to use the fog machine to make it scarier, but it snowed here today so it doesn't look like it's a-go.

  3. Cute! I like the fairies best of all. Don't you love being a girl mom? I do.I'm not into Halloween, but we do try to find something fun and innocent.

    I will mail giveaway item when I take my littlest to piano in the morning.

  4. wow, I love the evolution of their costumes too! Great photos. Happy Halloween!

  5. I love all the costume photos! It's a great way to see their growth year to year. And those clouds are amazing! Have a great Halloween.

  6. Ok Peeps! It is absolutely ok to tell me when I have a type-O/misspelled word/brain blip on my page. Even English teachers are imperfect! I just hate catching one on like the sixth read! Faries???? UGH!

  7. I'm pretty sure working with dozens and dozens of teenagers of the years would lessen the fun of Halloween for just about anyone, haha.

    Love the Halloween pics - past and present! You and your family are beautiful! And those clouds are amazing!

  8. I don't like the scares either... ICK... but love the looks on little ones faces during all the treats...

  9. The girls are adorable...as always. And that last shot is gorgeous! Happy Halloween!

  10. Neat Lana.... I love seeing the girls in their costumes through the years.... They are ADORABLE---each and every year...

    Thanks for sharing... Brought back memories of my sons --all dressed up for Halloween when they were little...

  11. Truly adorable girls. Glad they have safe activities for Halloween.

  12. What cute kids! The little fairy and princess are adorable. You guys are just having so much fun this fall.

    Thanks for that gorgeous windmill pic. That's stunning!

  13. Love the recap in pictures! =)

    I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but since we had a super cute costume, and it's our little one's first official Halloween (she slept through last year's), we went out! Found a kid-friendly neighborhood, and it was fun!

  14. Your girls look really cute, and what a lovely picture of the wind turbines.



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