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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Walkin Throught the Last Two Weeks in Pictures

Well, the fever bug decided to stay with us this morning, so Tink's party is moving to her "real" birthday, Tuesday after school.  Still working on the logistics of it all, but I think it will come together.  Meanwhile, I thought I would take this extra time to catch you up on the pictures of our world these past few days.

 Wrapping up Bear's birthday on her real birth day.  She loves her Macaw webkinz!
The newest member of our family, Master MAW, at his baptism.  
Doesn't Tall Guy make a great godfather?
 MAW himself!
 I'm sure they are plotting all the things they are going 
to do on the farm when  he gets bigger!
 Adding the long hairs to the mix

 One of Mom's floral arrangements in a vase I have always loved!
My masterpiece, Gr, Phyllis' dressing in her pan we always use at Thanksgiving!
The Turkey
Mom, Dad, and Aunt Sue working on dishes.

Amanda, my niece, and Tink
Isaiah sleeping off his turkey
 Thanksgiving Round 2: Kat and the cousins
 Above, the three amigas
Below, the beginning of the big cut.

Ta  Da!  I thought I would be fine with the girls getting their hair cut, but it is a whole different look.  Our babies are growing up! 

I don't know how I missed it through the lens, but I can tell by looking at Tink's eyes that she isn't feeling well.  Poor kiddo,she is taking the postponement of her party pretty well.

We are taking the rest of today to do just that, rest.  PJ day for everyone but Tall Guy!   He thinks there are some things the cows just don't need to see! ;-) 

Hope you all are having a family day today.  Some times it is good just to stay at home, and let the world chase its own tale for a day or so!


  1. Lots of great pics. Hope the little one gets feeling better soon!

  2. Oooh, I like that vase too!
    The girls haircuts are adorable and easy to care for I bet. Health to you all soon!

  3. Oooh, I like that vase too!
    The girls haircuts are adorable and easy to care for I bet. Health to you all soon!

  4. The girls are adorable! I Love their haircuts, too!

  5. Sure hope everyone gets better - love the haircuts!

  6. Get well vibes coming your way...... LOVE the new hair do's......

  7. The girls look great with their new haircuts. PJ days are the best. Great to hang out and just be together.

  8. such great pics and family time! and loving the snazzy new haircuts!

  9. I think the haircuts are so cute!
    They look so much older now.
    Hope everyone's healthy by Tuesday!

  10. What great family pics. Isn't it wonderful when people are together, doing the family traditions once again. Love the girls' haircuts. They do make them look older, but they're very pretty cuts on them. Hope Tink feels better for her party.

  11. What great pictures!! I'm especially gravitating towards pictures of babies these days and I really enjoyed yours, as well as your Thanksgiving snapshots.

    Hope you guys get feeling better soon!

  12. Love the haircuts, and a girl has to get her hair done, sick or not!

  13. Thank you for the great information! I would not have discovered this otherwise!



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