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Monday, November 15, 2010

Walking around the Birthday Party, Part 1

Woo Hoo!  We did it!  The little ones came and went, and everyone had a good time.  WHEW!   I have to say, after all the hoop-la, entertaining twelve 5-6 year-olds for two hours was not as bad as I thought!

Here is how we set up for the party Saturday night.  I have to admit that I called in my dear friend Laura to help me figure it all out.  This girl not only de-clutters, she decorates!  LOVE HER!  She said as she left Friday to give her a call if I needed help, and I took her up on it.  I'm such a visual person, and if I don't "see" how something should be, I get a little lost.

 The girls had fuzzy boas and a string of pearls for their
tea party fun.  Our two boys went Indiana Jones-style.
Hey!  I would let him to my tea party any time!

 Of course we had to have food!  I'll share the recipe for the 
colorful crunchy dish on the left very soon!
 And there were games.  The object to this game was to pass the Hula-hoop down the line 
without using any hands.  Well..... at least trying not to use any hands!
 Next the kids were put in to two groups with the same kind of props.
They had to create a story based on all their "things."  We had some 
very talented story tellers!
 My niece and nephew-in-law, Amanda and Arik, just increased the special
place we have for them in our hearts by coming to help celebrate the day AND
be my assistants whenever I called.  LOVE YOU GUYS!
 The Birthday girl herself!

 Little Bear with her Godmother and my very special cousin, Nancy!
 After the eats, we played a little game of charades.  Note to parents, the 
prompt of "sitting on a rocking chair" is hilarious!  (very much bathroom humor!)
 The little craft everyone made.  Just picked up the pictures from 
good ol' Wal-Mart today, trimmed them up, and put them in for 
Hannah to pass out with Thank You notes on Wednesday.!
 This is Hannah's masterpiece after playing with the colorizing
tool on my Memory Manager 3!  Creative Memories, You ROCK!
And now?  The garage is back to the way it was, I have lots of fruit left over (yeah us!), and a little girl who is sooooo looking forward to her birthday tomorrow.  She is sitting with her sister and Daddy in his chair talking about how she should be awakened tomorrow morning for her birthday.  Too funny.

In two more weeks, we get to do it all over again for Tink!  Hmmmm.....Think I will borrow from Miss Scarlet and "think about it tomorrow!"



  1. I want to have my next birthday at your house! La

  2. Looks like a great time! The garage turned out awesome!

  3. I am gonna have to get some party throwing tips from you woman!

  4. Wow--what a fabulous birthday for a precious little girl. Happy Birthday to Little Bear!!!!! What a gorgeous child!!!!

    Glad everything went well....


  5. Wow! Supermom that is one heck of a shindig! Awesome :)

  6. what a great mom you are to have sacrificed the garage. That looks like it was loads of fun!

  7. That looks like tons of fun! Happy Birthday!

  8. Looks like a great party! Love the decorations!

  9. Look like everyone had a good time

  10. how fun! everything looks great, and love the pictures in the teacups. so cute.

  11. The garage was a great idea!!!
    With two mid-winter birthdays in our house, I've never had that option!
    I love all the party decorations and favors.

  12. I am really liking all your attention to details; the boa's, teacup craft frames, and pink cupcakes are all very festive, fun and girly.

  13. Do NOT tell me that room is your garage! I think our garage may have looked like that the day it was finished, and only on that day. The idea of the stories told from the props given was a fantastic idea. How fun that must have been! You do realize that you're setting awfully high expectations. LOL

  14. Wow! Kudos on the amazing birthday party!

    Is Tink having a different theme?

    (The photos are gorgeous!)



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