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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walking a Crazy Busy Walk!

Heavens!  I don't think I have gone this long without blogging!  Life is on it's fast track, and I thought we were busy during harvest.  What was I thinking? 

Let's see, we are still trying to get the last part of the sun room finished, and I pray that it all starts back in motion this week or next.  This waiting on things ordered is driving me nuts.  My goal is to have a drink in my hot tub by Christmas or New Year's Eve.

How is the cleaning going you ask?  Well, I still love the FlyLady, but I called in reinforcements in the form of my new great friend Laura.  Together we are de-cluttering every part of this house.  I just so need this done before I turn 50!  Ok, I still have like a year and half before that happens, but by myself, it could truly take that long.  I will post pics soon of our progress.  This week, it's the kitchen!

My body decided to make life interesting last week, which included two ultra sounds for two different areas and other fun things, but everything is checking out ok so far.  DANG!  It's not even time for my 5,000,000 mile check up yet! 

I had a weekend crop/open house with my up-line for Creative Memories.  I had kind of gotten away from scrapbooking with all the other "stuff" going on in my life, but Saturday I rediscovered my love for scrapping on the computer and finished two projects!  WOO!

Bear's birthday party with friends is a week from today, and I am so trying to figure out what to eat, what to play, and how to decorate, along with getting the downstairs ready for the pitter-patter of lots of feet. Teapot party theme, and all the girl goody bags are done.  Just need to figure out what to give our two little guys who will be attending. 

I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow and getting together with my bloggy friends!  It means a trip to the Big City, but I am ready for it and time with great gals!

Ok, Speaking of time, even though the clock only says 8:47, my body is on yesterday's time, so I think I'll call it a night.  Dear Gov. Daniels, PLEASE rethink this time thing!  We are now on a great time. I would love to keep it like we used to do!  Just sayin!


  1. I hated the time change too but I'm learning to come around. Wow! I'm exhausted just reading your post! Hope things settle down for you and I'm looking forward to pics...especially of a drink in the hot tub. you deserve it ;)

  2. glad to hear the ultrasound went okay. And a hot tub? Sounds like a dream!

  3. Hi Lana, You are certainly entitled to have a LIFE... Blogging is fun ---but it can get hard when we are all busy...

    I struggle with time changes also... My body doesn't adapt well.. It takes me several days to adjust!!!!! As you say, Dang!!!!!

    Glad the ultrasound went well.. Hope everything is okay with you...

    Have a great Monday.

  4. I'm tired after just reading that post! You've been so busy! Glad to hear that your checkup seems to be good.

    I'm no fan of Daylight Savings Time either. I was ready an hour ago to have coffee and watch the news and it's only just now 6 AM. So fun to read your post. Have a great day. :-)

  5. You are one busy lady! I'm really wondering if the time change is necessary. My husband and I woke up the yesterday morning at 4 AM. Now it will take us 1 week to recover from that...Haaa!

    Glad things are going well for ya...It was good to get over here and read your blog! Take care this week!


  6. P.S. - Thanks for the traffic today :) Two new followers!

  7. I was worried about you friend... glad all is well and you survived the busy days....



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