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Friday, November 12, 2010

Walking Down the Windmill Path

WOW!  I can't wait to show you pics of my house!  My friend Laura and I have worked really hard to get the downstairs ready for The Birthday Party Part 1.  Not trying to be a big tease, but I will post pics of our results tomorrow. Right now I want to share with you more of my walk with the girls from yesterday.  Think I will just sit back and the pictures talk to you!  Hope you enjoy the stroll.

Just a fun side note:  After a big day of work for both Steve and I, he was hauling grain to Lafayette, and I was sorting, pitching, cleaning, mopping, and sweeping inside, we had what will probably be our last weenie roast/s'mores fest to kick off Little Bear's birthday weekend.  I left the camera inside and just enjoyed the whole experience of girls, husband, fire, dog, stars, and twilight into night.  Nothing too much more country than that!


  1. Great pictures. I always love the swirly hair on a cow's head. Looking forward to your other pictures to come.

  2. beautiful--your pictures are really good! I love the pictures of the girls--so cute!

  3. Great pictures, Lana... I can tell that you love that new camera... And you have so many great pictures to take. My favorite one out of all of them this time is the 3rd from the end.... EXCELLENT picture....

    Can't wait to see the house --and hear all about the big party.

  4. Wonderful pics of kids and cattle! I hope your girls grow up to appreciate having lived in the country. I think once it gets into your blood, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

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  6. These are SUCH beautiful pictures! Now, I want you to go look up the "rule of thirds" for when you're cropping.

  7. all the pics are great but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the face pics of the cows. SOOOOOOO sweet

  8. Lana: your pictures are beautiful. It has been gorgeous this past week. Elroy (our yellow lab) and I enjoyed a great walk in our woods and field Thursday. There's nothing like the country in the fall.

  9. Hi....just came by from "Farmchick's" blog.....
    That looks like one great walk! Thanks for sharing:)))

  10. I've been catching up with what's been happening with you....Looks like you've been busy! I just wanted to say, those are some beautiful pictures! Ashley



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