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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Walking with a Second Grader! UGH!

It was bound to happen.... sooner or later I was going to start losing "smart points" with the girls, and I apparently lost some last night with Tink; although, I may have gained a few back this morning.

Today was Tink's turn to read at church.  The second graders rotate reading with the first graders, and it's a great way to get them up in front of people and read.  We get the "script" about a a week before so we can practice, and since these words come from the Bible, there are a few you might not find in a second grade level reading assignment.  Usually we sound out the new words, break them down into syllables, and even write them phonetically if that makes more sense.  Tink's music director is great about going through it the day before with the readers and marking up words that still need some specific attention.

Tink had her words marked, and did a great job last night on her last practice with me...well.... until we hit the word "wrought."  She pronounced it "wrote," and I stopped her to say the word was pronounced "wrot" like rhymes with hot.  OH NO IT ISN'T!  I SAID IT THAT WAY TODAY AND MRS. B DIDN'T SAY IT WAS WRONG.  YOU ARE WRONG MOMMY.  Really?  Seriously? (it IS Thursday so we have to get our Seriously mojo going!)  I tried again, but to no avail.  She is her father to a T 100% black and white, knows when she is right or at least she thinks she does!  Tink is a very literal thinker and doer.  If you leave out a step, she will not do it!

We went a few rounds with me reminding her that I did teach English for 18 years before she came into this world, and with my three diplomas, I know what I am talking about here, but it all fell off like Pumpkin sheds her fur.  UGH!  I lamented my situation to Tall Guy when he returned home from his fair board meeting.  This morning, I kind of heard them talking about it, but I decided to let it all drop.  Dang!  She wanted to read it to me one more time, and did a beautiful job except for the WORD.  She told me she and Daddy thought she should ask her teacher about it.  SERIOUSLY?????  Ok, whatever keeps the peace.

Cut to church this morning and the uttering of the pivotal word......silence for a few seconds... then she said it CORRECTLY!  Woo!  Not sure what battle if any was won. but I do think I regained a few of the points I lost last night!  Yeah me!


  1. i bet you couldn't help a little "ha," right? sort of "so there" when she said it (tho of course not said to her). i would have definitely made a noise! i really liked when you reminded her about your teaching and degrees, lol.

  2. it was a test run on your nerves, it will become apparent to her that your smart in 20years or so. English was rough for me and by far my kids are better then me(or is it I, like I said ROUGH) great story.

  3. Ugh! Doesn't it just take your breath away?

  4. Don't worry....any smart points you lose now, you will gain back when they grow up.... :o)

  5. My son has entered the teenage years, so I feel like I lose "smart" points everyday!

  6. Well, I'd say get used to it. No matter how dumb a teacher the kid has,(like the ones who barely scraped by to get their degree?) the Teacher is always smarter than Mom or Dad.

    I realize this was church, but it just pinched a nerve. But Kim is right - it does eventually get better - usually when those kids have their own children!

  7. haha. Too funny. I bet she considered saying it "her way" just to prove you wrong. Oh, her poor, bruised ego!

  8. Don't you know that Mama's don't know anything????? ha ha ha... Guess her teacher straightened her out today!!!! Wonder if she'll say anything to you about it????? What a cutie pie ---but she sounds like one of my sons... STUBBORN...

    I'm sure you all were very proud of her though.... That's great that they get to read scripture in front of the group. GREAT experience!!!


  9. Oh my goodness! I have a daughter EXACTLY like that. She is 15 now, and still stubborn to the core. And she won't back down for anything. In fact, I think she probably would have misprounounced in on purpose! You just have to remember that a person with that much tenacity will go far in life...

  10. Oh the battles! I can't imagine!!! I'm glad she finally said it correctly in the end- even if she didn't think you were right! LOL Your comment on my blog made me laugh- yes you are allowed to send them to bed early because it IS like their normal bedtime! Hope your weekend was wonderful!



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