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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Walking with Those Who Serve(d)

We celebrated Veteran's Day at the girls' school, and it is always a moving ceremony.  There was a special mass held, and then everyone came over to the gym for coffee, donuts, and many rousing songs and speeches from the kids.  You cannot help but be moved.  The girls did a great job, and as I listened to the great songs and absolutely adorable and honorable performances,  my mind's eye caught many glimpses of heroes with us and those gone from us.

My mom's dad, Grandpa Todd, who served in the army during WWII in the Philippines and Japan.  He was a member of the Lost Battalion, lost for many weeks in the jungles of the Philipines, and then served as a sharpshooter for Gen. MacArthur. 
 My dad's oldest brother, Uncle Floyd, who also served in WWII in the European theater.
 Dad's sister Betty's husband, Uncle Warren, also served in WWII
 Dad's closest brother in age, Uncle Dick.

 This gentleman's toes were tapping during the songs of all the Armed Services.

 Standing so tall and proud!

 The picture above shows two of our four attending WWII veterans.  
God Bless them.  
There are so few of them left!

Now, see this cute little guy I have my arm around?  (Yep, that's me "back in the day!")
 He is my very first nephew, Josh.
 He is a great big brother!
 One of my favorite grown up pictures of us
 Josh is an Army Ranger.  He served one tour in Iraq, then took more training state-side, then moved heaven and earth to reunite with his old unit and is serving as an Army Captain in Afghanistan.  Right now he has a desk job that is driving him nuts (my words, not his, but I know he would rather be "out and about.") but making his Nana and the rest of the family a tiny bit more comfortable with the fact he is there.  We know, though, that safety is fleeting, and every moment he is there is a potentially dangerous one.  He loves being an Army Ranger, and I have to respect that even though I find my heart in my throat many times watching the news these days.  Hugs to you Josh and all those who are serving or have served our country.  Bless you all!

 This is my brother with Josh.


  1. What a wonderful tribute Lana. Fabulous photos, I've teared up remembering some of my vets who've passed away.

  2. Beautiful set of photos, Lana, and a great tribute to your loved ones. Let's never forget all of those men and women (past and present) who have served our country for US --and our freedom.

    God Bless them ALL.

  3. I agree. That is a wonderful tribute to your family and those who served our country. Love all the great photos! Aren't you thankful that you have those!

  4. what a moving tribute. You did a wonderful job on this.

  5. So nice the kids have the tribute at school......Mom and I are going to visit the traveliing vietnam memorial later today... It made a stop here in a suburb of Columbus.....

  6. so great to see so many in your family who have served. Big thanks for all they did/do to keep us all safe and free!

  7. Such a great tribute and the older pictures are wonderful.



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