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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Break Is ON!

Whenever our girls get their winter play clothes on, you know they are going to be out in the snow for as long as possible.  Nothing will bring them in until the last inch of warmth is gone from their many layers of hats, scarfs, sweaters, coats and boots.  While they are out there frolicking, it's kind of understood that I will be inside making up some awesome yummy to help them rekindle their inner fire,

But first, let's grab the camera and go out to watch the fun.

Not home 30 minutes, and it's GAME ON!  Watch out snow!

 You have to realize we have NO HILLS here, just kind of slanted snow drifts. 

Shhhhhh!!!!!   Don't tell the girls that!

Oops!  I am shirking my Mommy duties.  Better go get the cocoa on the stove!

Just like my momma used to make for me and my brother!

Here's to many more snowy days and warm cups of cocoa just like my mom made for me.



  1. Look at who is getting really handy with that fancy camera?!? Beautiful pics of precious moments :)

  2. I expect we're going to have some of that goin' on here at our house this weekend!!

  3. Oh Wow----Welcome to VACATION.... What could be better than snow and then cocoa?????? Sounds like something I would TOTALLY enjoy with your girls.... But--the only thing you all need is a few hills for sledding!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  4. No Hills!! That is where the tractor and a long rope come in handy
    Have fun I remember those days they are the best

  5. love hot cocoa! Such a great mommy. Beautiful place you live in.

  6. Oh what a good mom you are! I love the pic of the girls sledding when the sun is low. Enjoying the 'slanted snow drifts' reminds me of myself when I was a kid, skating on the tiny bit of ice that was formed when the cow's water tank overflowed one day! Kids are great at making their own fun with what's available! Have a great Christmas break.

  7. What beautiful photos! But, no fair, how can you miss with those beautiful subjects?! (If you want to use more of that cocoa, come on over and try my brownies.) I was in Indianapolis 13 months ago, didn't look like this, not that cold. Had a fabulous time! Your stove reminded me--I just love having continuous grates, don't you?

  8. How sweet!!! I think I'm going to go make hot chocolate now. But we don't have any marshmallows, either. I do have some mint chocolate chips that I could add. Mmmm...that sounds yummy. (10 minutes ago I was dying for some hot tamale candies.)

    (Oh, and you've got some magenta soup to deal with - try warming the pics up a bit with red and yellow in MM.)

  9. I love the photos of the girls! They are the perfect winter pics.

    My family loves it when I switch the vanilla extract with almond extract. I even use it in our chocolate chip cookies for an amazing flavor change.

    Glad you're all having a wonderful Christmas break.

  10. Lana - just found this amazing hot chocolate CUPCAKE recipe online when checking my tweets. You've gotta see it!


  11. Much the same situation here at my house, along with the cocoa. Try marshmallow creme. Plop a dollop in a hot mug of cocoa. It's our favorite.

  12. I am so jealous, I love snow and we have not had but a dusting a few times, I am ready for some to play in. It look lik eyour girls had a great time.

  13. Looks like a perfect day! I love the photos!

  14. What a great afternoon Lana. :) You've inspired me to make real hot cocoa. That must smell fantastic when you're making that. I've only ever used the little packet.

    And like everyone else, I really enjoyed your photos!

  15. Oh my gosh, playing in the snow AND hot cocoa on the stove? Your girls are lucky ducks! What an awesome weekend. :)

  16. Our last day is tomorrow! I LOVE the Hershey's cocoa, too! :)



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