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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walking and Caroling with Our Girls

In between trips to the cow lot, I scooted in town to help our Kindergartners and Second Graders go caroling!  How fun!  The school sends three buses to go out into the community, to businesses and homes, and the kids sing their hearts out.  They are sooooo cute! 

Want to see?

Thought you would never ask!

Here we are at my favorite IGA!

 Then on to one or our local hardware stores; the owner's grandson is in Tink's class.  Bear is standing in front of Mrs. E.  I hope and pray that all little ones have a Kindergarten teacher like Mrs. E.  She is a HUGE favorite in our house!

 Next stop is one of our town banks.  People started scurrying to the lobby when they heard the kids' voices.  AWESOME!
 Mrs. G., our principal, is telling the kids about Mr. and Mrs. S.  They are such a blessing to our church and school with all the volunteering and services they give to us.  
 Last stop, Mrs. B., our music director.  She volunteers her time to the school as well as the church to lead us all in song!  Aren't these faces almost angelic? 

 Yeah, Tink is working on growing her banks out.  This could be a long winter!  ;-)

What a great way to find the Spirit of Christmas and share it with others!  These families and businesses help our school throughout the year with time and donations.  It is good for the students, our children, to give back to these folks!

Uhm.....Yes, I changed clothes before I went in town.  ;-)

Stay warm out there!


  1. Oh Lana, This brought back memories --of the times I would go with my kids when they were young, and we'd sing carols at the hospitals, banks, malls, etc... SO much fun... Glad you could go with your girls.

  2. Lana, why would you ever want to change your clothes??!! ;) I am staying warm for sure today....Our highs for today are going to be in the low 70's. Can you believe that?

    How wonderful that your children's school goes out singing carols in the community! Sounds like a great school and community!


  3. I love caroling! There are so many people who appreciate it when you take the time and effort to bring others a little cheer.

  4. I think it's great that the school took the kids caroling. It looks like everyone had a great time!



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