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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walking and Grumbling at the Weatherman!


Tall Guy and I are planning a fun weekend in Indy, and the weatherman is really starting to make me fret!  It's Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention weekend in Indy, we have TWO nights at the WESTIN, cows and kids are covered, and the weather is looking really crappy for the ride home Sunday.  Grrrrrrrr..............

Now we are trying to figure out if we can take Tall Guy's truck, a Chevy long bed truck with an extended cab, and park it in the Big City's underground parking garage, or do we need to borrow my FIL's shorter version.  We have parked TG's truck in the above mentioned parking garage, but it was a VERY TIGHT FIT!  I even "ducked" when we drove under the height bar.  DANG!

I am really looking forward to getting away for just a bit, seeing old friends, making new friends, and spending a bit of quality time with my farmer.  Good luck to Mary Beth over at Alarm Clock Wars!  She and her hubby are up for the IFB Excellence in Ag award!  Good luck to Lauren's husband Scott, over at Four Ransoms.  This will be Scott's first time participating in the IFB Young Farmer Discussion Meet.  Our county is also receiving a few awards, so it's just a nice couple of days all around! 

Hope you all have a warm, safe weekend getting all Christmasy and wintery.  Catch up with you again on Monday.  I am sure I will have a few stories to tell from all the events and travel experiences!  Stay tuned!


  1. Enjoy your time. Take whichever truck has better tires...

  2. Good luck... I am having similar weekend plan dilemmas... hopefully the weather man is wrong-- rare occasion that might be ;)

  3. Good luck with the travels. I am here in central KY, so we are suppposed to get some of this weather as well.

  4. I hope I will make it I am planning on coming for the Friday meetings and dinner
    Be careful it is suppose to be icy

  5. Oh boy! Sounds like fun!

    We are at the Dells right now and it just got done snowing. Lovin it!




  6. Good luck to everyone! It always make me giggle when all those big truck show up in Denver for the National Western Stock Show, and valet has to park them.

    I read Four Ransoms blog! I'll have to pass some luck along to them.


  7. I'm planning on spending the weekend making cookies. I hope we see all that snow they're predicting!

  8. Good luck! Hope it all works out.

    so, i probably shouldn't tell you it's 63 in Kansas today? K, I won't tell ya.

  9. I would almost trade places with you as I have to go to Chicago this weekend and am not looking forward to the snow and traffic. ugh! hope you have a good time at the convention though.

  10. Hi Lana, I will pray that the weather won't turn too bad for you all on Sunday. You and hubby deserve a nice weekend away... Please go and have a great time.. We'll all just hope and pray that the weather people are wrong --like they are so many times.

  11. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We look forward to hearing about it when you return. Be safe, and drive carefully. Maybe the weatherman will be proved wrong.

  12. Here's hoping the weather doesn't slow you down on Sunday...... be safe

  13. I can sympathize....we have a 1 ton Dodge dually 4-door, and it's a tight fit EVERYWHERE!! :)



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