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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Walking Back to the Cow Lot to Temp Cows and Dancing Like Sandra!

Dear Santa,

Could you please bring me some insulated coveralls?  Like ASAP!  Pretty please with ice sickles hanging where I never wanted to see them hang?????

It was REALLY cold out in the cow lot today, but we had to temp 60 calves who came to the farm last Tuesday.  Actually we temped about 68, but I'm getting ahead of myself!  Watch out P-Dub!  I'm invading your territory!

It started out with layers.  Bear cracked me up the other day when she went out to play in our first snow and yelled to me, "Mom!  I have two of everything on but underwear!"  That's what I did, but in "hind-sight," maybe I should have doubled up on EVERYTHING!

After gearing up, we headed outside, and it didn't start out well.  Sadie came out to help, and while she was great with rounding up the calves, her barking did not help once we were in close quarters, so she was "politely asked" (since it's Sunday, we will just think happy words here!) to go to the house!

A cow's normal temp is 102.  Any cow with a temp higher needs Tall Guy's attention.  We did the first eight or so and went to get the next group in the shoot, and....uhm.....someone forgot to shut the gate between the temped and untemped cows.  So while we were getting the next group in the shoot, the rest snuck behind us, and mingled with the ones we had done.  (Add more un-Sunday like words here!) Sigh........ Yeah, I was running the gate, for the first time I might add.  My shoulders, neck, and arms are not too happy with me!

Did I mention it was really cold?  Did I mention the wind was blowing?  Did I mention I DID NOT HAVE ANY INSULATED COVERALLS TO WEAR?  Just some kind of thin jeans with a pair of leggins on underneath, circa about 1980-something!  GEEZ!  Dirks Bentley moment:  What was I thinking?

I needed to do something to warm up.  I kept going to bring more cows in the shoot, but that wasn't cutting it, so I had an idea; I would dance!  For some crazy reason in the middle of the small cow lot I channeled Betty White and Sandra Bullock dancing around the campfire in the movie The Proposal.  Have you seen it?  Well here it is:  Warning:  a bit of un-Sunday like language, but I promise this is hilarious!

This scene just about makes me cry from laughing so hard!  Steve was cracking up, and I was actually getting warmer; at least my feet weren't aching!  It made the last hour go a bit quicker, but I was still pretty much frozen after two and a half hours out there!

So now, after a nice warm shower, attempted too soon after coming in!  DUH!  THAT HURT!, some down time, then back to the shower and a hot toddy, I was able to put the Christmas tree up and settle down to listening to the girls singing Christmas carols.  What a day.

Santa.  PLEASE HURRY with that delivery.  I think Tall Guy wants to check the cows again next week, and it's supposed to be even colder!  Seriously!

For those of you stopping by from the Meet and  Greet from I'm a Lazy Mom, this is a glimpse in a day in the life around here on our corn/soybean/feeder cattle farm up/over/out here in northwest Indiana!  Welcome.  Stay tuned for tree trimming with the girls!

Lazy Meet & Greet


  1. Oh, i hope you get warm soon. I've heard you all got hit with quite a bit of snow. Stay as warm as you can and I hope Santa answers your wish!

  2. Love that movie, and you should have had someone film your dance moves!

  3. I LOVE MY INSULATED OVERALLS! They aren't cheap but so worth the money and last a longtime!

  4. OH BRRRRR..... And to think I complain going to and from the car....

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I can totally picture the Sandra Bullock dance from that movie and am laughing so hard thinking about you doing that! Hope you have warmed up! What a day!

  6. So that's where you were!!!

    I love that movie! It's streaming on netflix right now!

  7. Sorry you froze, but thanks for the laugh about dancing. : )

  8. i hope you get those coveralls soon! i don't know how you guys do it!

  9. That would definitely not be my idea of a good time. But the dancing was a brilliant temporary solution. Get those insulated coveralls! :-)

  10. Don't worry, I'll send a good word in for you to Santa. :)

    Thanks for linking up with the Meet and Greet!!

    The Lazy Mom

  11. I am visiting from Lazy Mom's meet and greet...Nice to meet you! I hope you get your coveralls...I am sure the cows enjoyed your dance!!!!

  12. wow ladybug....you need those coveralls for sure! i love the proposal (except for that goofy part with the dog and that bird) and i can just picture you doing the betty white swami dance to keep warm! i bet the cows loved it! xoxo

  13. how often do you have to Temp the Cows?
    hope you stay warm.
    (visiting via the Meet&Greet)

  14. great "look" into your life! Stay warm! :)

  15. HA HA, Lana... It took this ole city gal a little more reading to find out what you were doing when you said you were 'temping' a calf..... I even asked hubby --and he didn't know.

    Finally, after I read farther, I found out that you were taking their temperatures.... ha ha ... See what I need to learn about farming!!!!!!

    Sorry you had to temp them all again... Mercy Me!!!!!

    Now get some warm clothes, Girl... You make me COLD out there.


  16. So glad I stopped by from the meet and greet, very entertaining post. I hope Sant delivers your coveralls.

  17. Hey! you get 3 bonus entries into my current giveaway or an upcoming giveaway for linking up with the Meet and Greet! Email me at imalazymom @gmail.com to claim it!

  18. That is the kind of luck we run on here at our farm! And of course I am usually the one who has to open and close the gates, just in time.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the video!!! I laughed so hard I cried...I'll have to try this the next time I get cold working the cows and goats...Maybe they'll enjoy it too ;)



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