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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking During the Holidays on the Farm: Real FarmWives of America Joint Post

Well, it's the last day of 2010.  Wa Hoo!  We will be spending it rooting on our Favorite PURDUE UNIVERSITY MEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, then hanging out with some friends and their kids to watch the ball drop.  No wild and crazy parties, just friends and fun.

We Real FarmWives of America were asked to post about holidays on the farm.  After you are done here, click on the link above or on the top left of my sidebar to go to our Facebook page and read up on how my other farm wife bloggy friends kept themselves busy over the holidays.

Even though many of my readers have not been out to the farm for a while, our holidays were just as chaotic and crazy as most of yours, with a few little farm twists because.....

We raise these

and they like to be fed twice a day with some of this.  Click here learn more about silage.

and some of this.  Click here to see how we make these bales.

(which look like this right now!)

Oh yeah, and some of this!  Click to read about the sacrifice I made with my body to help this go up the auger! Corn Gluten!

That means someone has to be around to flip these and push that and not necessarily in the order they are numbered!  See, farming is sometimes a tricky business!

It's not a big deal.  Someone has to be on the radio or at the TV station to deliver news, and we need to be around to feed the cows.  I have been out several times, especially during the winter months, to do these chores while my Tall Guy recovered from back surgeries!  So glad this last one in January seems to be the answer to our prayers.  A farmer with a bad back is NOT a happy farmer!

Oh yeah, in order to keep our house extra warm and toasty for a fraction of LP costs, this has to also be fed a couple times a day!

It will burn wood AND corn, but with corn prices around $6.00 a bushel, it's cheaper to burn wood. Too bad we can't feed wood through the bin and auger!  DRAT!

Other than these daily chores, we have the same fun as you do doing this

and that

and some of this

 and a bit of that.

I love that we can make our own snow hills with a bit of horse power.  Tink, though, has learned that our hills are not quite as soft on her backside as other hills might be.

All under the ever-watchful eye of our incredible farm dog, Sadie.......

unless she gets wind of a rabbit!

Still Tink and Bear played their hearts out in the white stuff, and so we had to drink lots of this,

made from scratch of course, just like their grandma made for me and my brother way back in the day at the end of the Ice Age!

Yesterday, Tall Guy and Grandpa hauled eight loads of corn to Lafayette.  We are starting to move our stored grain down to Staley's for processing.  Beans are also on the move, but we just made it out on the roads Thursday because up until then then all roads have been pretty darned slick and snow covered, and those are not the best conditions for driving a loaded semi!

365 days, 24/7 farms are busy, especially those with livestock, but we make time for the important things and work some fun in when we can.  (pardon me for posting just a few more pictures!)

 Tink was an angel.
 Bear, in the stripes looking a bit deceptively angelic 
wink wink, 
sang in the choir with her other kindergarten pals.

Tall Guy will start hibernating out in the tool shed going over equipment so it is ready to go in the spring.  That's how it goes out here, but we love it, and I hope you will continue to stop by and share the fun.


See you in 2011!


  1. Happy New Year To You! You're really getting out there with that camera--well done!

  2. Well said Good to know we all stay busy in what is suppose to be our off season

  3. Life is never dull on a farm, is it???? I am glad that the girls got to play out in the snow... Looked like fun... I'd love some hot cocoa please!!!!

    Tink makes a fabulous angel.... What a great picture of her... And of course Bear looks angelic!!!!!!! ha

    Happy New Year, Lana.

  4. tink looks adorable as an angel, and bear's face as she's sledding-cracking me up! all you do on the farm is really amazing!

  5. Beautiful snow and beautiful angels! Our first snow is coming down right now! Stay warm!

  6. These are great pictures of your life. Have a very happy new year.

  7. I always love visiting your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures and learning about farm life. I often say that I wish I lived on a farm, but I really do not know if I could do the work. Ha! I have to give you a lot of credit! The pictures are great! I hope you have a very happy New Year filled with love, great health and happiness!

    Mama Hen

  8. wow, I find life on the farm to be fascinating...even living in Texas, I've never actually been on a farm...sad but true :(

    And the snow...so beautiful, you take great pictures of your family!Here it is 75 degrees and we're wishing for a little snow...but probably not happening any time soon!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  9. I was always a Shepherd in the church's Christmas Pagent. every year I carried a sheep (stuffed animal) under one arm and had a sheperds crook in the other. I guess everyone figured I would want to be a shepherd, but I secretly wanted to be a wiseman because they got to wear cool crowns. Oh well... glad to see the Boilers won and hope this is there year! happy new year.



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