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Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking in the Big Town..."HOW MUCH???" and other Cultural Shocks

So some of you out there might be familiar with the idea behind "Gidget goes to..." (fill in the blank).  Country girl goes to the big city theme.  I likened myself to Gidget when a bunch of girlfriends carried me off to a weekend in Chicago.  I had not been on such an excursion before; I was in my 20's and had a blast.  Since then, I have become somewhat of a world traveler, and back in the day, I could probably give you an outstanding three day walking tour of Paris, France and hit all the great spots!  Yep, you might not know it, but I have been to France, England, Switzerland, and 30 something of our states.

With all this worldly experience, you might think I could handle a bit of a cultural difference, but when Tall Guy and I heard that the poor fella checking out while we were checking in had to pay $13.50 for TWO candy bars, we both about fell over!  SERIOUSLY?????  DANG!!!!!!

So we asked a few of our friends about this outrageous price and were frightened to find out that the innocent-looking refrigerator in our room was actually a vicious money trap!  DO NOT OPEN IT OR PICK UP ANYTHING INSIDE YOUR FRIDGE!  That was the resounding message.  Well, DANG!  We didn't even have to look inside it to see the candy bars; they were on the OUTSIDE in their own little shelf.  What if we had brought the girls?

So we decide to go out on the town after the meetings because, well, we can actually walk to establishments!  Wee!  Tall Guy and I ordered a bit of holiday cheer to the tune of $8.00 a cheer!  YIKES!  Oh!  and don't even think of the BYOB thing.  Rumor has it if you put your own B in the fridge, someone with an all-seeing eye or scale will call and ask you to remove what you have put inside!  This might be an urban legend thing because TG and I were too scared to open the fridge in the first place!

While we were enjoying our time with our Indiana Farm Bureau friends, another group shared space with us in the Convention Center.  Little. cheerleader. dance. girls.  All shapes and sizes and ages and their moms and NOT MUCH TO WEAR!!!!  I thought some of our elder IFB friends were going to have strokes or heart attacks.  I didn't take pictures because they were children, but I even found myself wanting to grab a tablecloth and covering up some of those little girls' behinds!   Mercy!

The last funny I will share occurred in the Coach store.  Yes, you heard me.  I had actually not ever been in the store, so I hauled TG in there to see what all the hoopla was about.  Being all friendly like I am, I started chatting with one of the salesgirls about being from the country.  She said, "Man, I hate my drive to work.  There isn't a Startbuck's on the way!"  I said, "Honey, I have to drive about 30 miles to get to a Starbucks."  Her eyes became HUGE with wonder, and she said, "You win!"  Too funny how people don't realize what rural means.

This brings me to another fact I heard at the IFB Convention:  "Out of 100 people, over 60 have not been to a farm in the last ten years!"  That is absolutely pert-near impossible for me to get my head around, but I guess it's true.

Ok, Time to give Tink and Bear their first lesson in present wrapping.  Thankfully if I need a bit of "holiday cheer" to get me through this fun girl thing, it won't cost me $8 to open my fridge!

Stay warm out there!


  1. I think hotels are ALWAYS causing me sticker shock.

  2. But did you buy anything at the coach store???? If I ever win the lottery I would buy every item in that store. I love purses!!!!

  3. "uncuthe" "must be from the sticks" "raise your sites" is what they say when Grandma would say "remember where your from". I don't want to work all week to buy $100 steaks, $7 fluffy coffie or flat beer. It might be that your not normal, AND THATS A GOOD TING!

  4. you world traveler you! i'd love to get to paris, and i might have to take you with me as my personal tourguide!

  5. Isn't it just amazing what some hotels charge for extra things???? I've seen those frig's and candy bars, etc... in those fancy hotels... Glad you didn't get rooked!!!!

    Sounds like you did have a good time though...

    Colder than cold here tonight--about 11 degrees here now and going to get colder.... As my friend Lana says, I'll say DANG.


  6. I know people who didn't know about the refrig. Did drink a bottle of water and it is expensive They need to put the sign on the outside of the door

  7. Too funny! I have recently moved from a small city to a farm town that is actually only a ten minute drive from that city.

    I have reverse culture shock! But I am getting used to it. My husband and I are NOT city folk...though we had been there for 10 years haha.

  8. Isn't that just insane! Another reason why we rarely, or should I say never, eat out. Prices are ridiculous, and I'd rather make my own food and know it's poison-free and didn't cost an arm and a leg. When I buy meat, for example, I buy a lot to make it cheaper by the pound, then bring it home and portion it out into smaller freezer bags to use later. So how could I spend money on a steak at a restaurant when I can make my own, not have to leave home, and have it just the way I want it? (and not eat it in a noisy restaurant). I know...I don't get out much. LOL

  9. I'm glad you survived your trip to the big city!
    I'm like you about the little cheer/dance girls...We have a few groups around here and I wonder what in the ?? are their parents thinking. Not only what they wore to perform in, but the way they were moving when they danced....I was sitting in the audience in total shock!!! My little girl need not even ask to join that little group.


  10. I enjoyed your post, but just about busted out laughing when you said "pert near". =)



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