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Monday, December 6, 2010

Walking to Decorate the Tree

Hello Christmas Tree, dear old friend!  How are you?

I try to be very nice to this tree; it has been in my family for a long time.  Ever since we found out my mom was/is allergic to real trees.  But....can you keep a secret?   I SOOO miss having a real tree!  Sigh.......

After finally thawing out from my outing with the cows and my Tall Guy, it was time to trim the tree.  The girls had been dancing on their tin ear (does anyone besides me still say that?) all weekend to see it all come out of their closet. 

I actually have enough decorations to trim MANY trees, but for now these will do.  Some I made, some my mom and I made, some I bought, some the girls made.  We are enjoying the tree as is for now, but I may have to sneak more of the oldies but goodies out before the big red guy comes to visit. 

Here is what is hanging on our tree right now:

 Before Tink was born, I spent the fall months making "Child-proof" Christmas ornaments.
Yo-yos and Gingerbread people.  Mom helped with the people!

 I loved these angels from LTD!
 Our angel I found at Hobby Lobby.

I LOVE her expression and her feathers.

 These icy ornaments are also from LTD.  I love how they reflect the lights of the tree.
 Wishing you all JOY this Christmas season!


  1. what beautiful memories you have hanging on that tree! Enjoy the season :)

  2. Love your ornaments... and the girls were having fun.......

  3. Hey Lana, I love seeing your tree and ornaments --and the smiles on those pretty little girls' faces.

    Your angels are gorgeous... I collect angels --and especially love that 2nd one.


  4. I always like the ornaments that family give and make. I have some that are 36 years old. Such a joy to see. I also have an artificial
    tree Which I could make it smell like pine.

  5. Looks like the girls had a great time! Lots of very cute ornaments :)

  6. Cute, cute photos of your girls! I've never heard the expression 'dancing on a tin ear!' I'm assuming it means they're excited. Do you know the origin of that?

  7. Tin ear usually refers to someone who can not hear "good" music, so I assume the rest of the phrase was made to conjure a crazy, off-beat jig. That's pretty much how excited little girls dance around here ;-)

  8. I'm a fellow Hoosier! Following from Meet N' Greet!

  9. I love homemade ornaments and the way they look on a family's tree. Great memories and such a personal touch.

  10. love those gingerbread guys. it looks like you guys had fun decorating the tree...we really need to get our butts in gear over here.



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