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Friday, December 3, 2010

Walking with a Few Extra Pounds! DANG!

You know this is all your fault!  All those yummy blog posts I've been seeing, reading, and drooling over have finally taken their toll!  I am gaining weight!  LIKE 13 POUNDS!  DANG!

For those of you who don't know, about a year ago I decided I needed to lose weight, a lot of weight, and I did lose about 60 pounds!  I had 20 or so to go to meet my goal, and then it happened.  I started feeling so much better, people said I looked good, and I became rather happy right where I was.  Then came harvest.

Don't know how you all do it on your farm, but I think my sisters at Real Farmwives of America need to put our heads together to come up with healthy meal choices on the run!  Sitting in the combine AND being in charge  of lunch made for quick, not so nutritious choices.  We don't have a McDonald's or Wendy's or Burger King in our county, but we do have a Subway and a local BP that makes Noble Roman's personal pan pizzas.  So you can imagine between pizza and ham sandwiches and "goodies," a few pounds crept back on through that time.  I thought November would be my time to get back on the horse.  I tried Zumba, which I AM going back to after next week!, and tried to get back on my good eating road, but the birthday food, baptism food, and Thanksgiving food were too tempting.  I wasn't tempted last year, but my willpower this time around is "gone with the wind."  So far.

Here we are December 3.  Yesterday I went to the big town to find some jeans to wear.  You know it's time to buy new jeans when you walk outside and can REALLY feel the wind blowing in places where the wind probably should not blow, at least at these cold temperatures.

HEY!  What happened to good old jeans?  Now I do like the stretchy kind that allows me to go a size smaller than usual, but DANG!  I want my go-out-to-the-cowlot- to work jeans!?!?!  Where did they go?  Couldn't fine them anywhere in the Mall.  Gonna have to hit up good ol' TSC, Tractor Supply Company for you non-aggies out there, to see if I can find some Wranglers or Levis that "fit" the bill!

Sigh.....Time to find something that fits in my closet and get this day started.  BIG craft fair at the girls' school tomorrow.  Tall Guy helped me make 20 quart bags of puppy chow last night.  Yeah, I know, I can shoot myself in the foot all too well!


Just kidding!  Have a great day, stay warm, plan a fun family weekend, and jump on the treadmill with me as we get through these last weeks of food feasting!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about those sneaky pounds. Aren't they always just hanging around, waiting like magnets to be sucked back onto our bodies! I talked to a friend yesterday who's going to count calories through the season, although giving herself probably a higher allowance than usual. I'm thinking that might be a good idea for me. Trying to eat low carb during the holidays is just impossible, and it's also so hard to avoid treats when everyone else around is eating them!

    Good luck with your quest for the right jeans. :-) We could always boycott Cris's blog. LOL (just kidding, Cris!!)

  2. You make your own puppy chow? I would love to see a post about that. I have been thinking about baking some dog cookies for my dog but haven't found a recipe that I want to try yet. I'm worried that I will slave away in the kitchen just to have him look at me with a face that says "you expect me to eat this?". :)

    Good luck with the weight loss! It's tough. I think the key is to eat healthy most of the time, allow your treats on occasion and then just MOVE! Burn more calories.
    You should have random dance parties with your girls, you will have a blast and get exercise while having fun. When it's fun, it's not really exercise. :)

  3. Sorry to hear too. Extra pounds are yucky. I worked on losing about 20 a while back and a website sparkepeople.com has some good healthy recipes I found useful.

  4. i KNOW! those terrible (and delicious) cookies, and macaroons, and cakes always get me!

  5. I know what you mean about those pounds! Ugh! I need to lose about thirty pounds and I have had a difficult time doing it for the first time in my life. The Christmas cookie time is here. I wish you the best with losing the pounds. Congratulations on losing 60! That is a great accomplishment! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  6. Love the puppy chow... My MIL makes it a lot this time of year... So good... So bad........

    I've been in Weight Watchers forever (well, it feels like it, anyway), but haven't had the willpower to really follow the plan. They just re-vamped the plan, so I'm going to use that as motivation to get BACK ON THE WAGON!

    I think you're on to something for RFOA to do next...

  7. I'm with you on the weight thing!Maybe you can jog to my farm for a visit and I can jog to your farm. LOTS of exercise! ??? I'll bring the cookies!

  8. preaching to the choir sister, except I don't wear girl jeans(at least where people can see me) I have drove by the "Y" for six months and yes, it's still there. I have cut out most fast food but eating alot of the home cooking and a bag of sunflower seeds a day(worse habit than "chew")and still, hittin the MT.DEW hard. SO YOU MIGHT BE NORMAL

  9. Congratulations on the 60 pounds!

    Get a book that shows the calories of foods. Remember to stay at the weight you are you will want to eat 2000 calories, less if you want to lose weight. The next time you want that extra cookie, remember the calories and if it is really worth it. Think about how long you would have to walk to burn off those calories too.
    This works for me and I thought I would share it with you too. I've lost 25 pounds in the last 6 weeks and feels great and really think about what I eat and if the calories is worth it. I also work out every day. If I am watching TV I am normally on my machine working out. It makes me feel better too.
    Good luck! You'll be back on track soon.

  10. Oh, so THAT'S where my gain back weight came from. I thought it was from all the sugar I've been ingesting like the world was going to end tomorrow and I'll never get anymore! LOL

  11. Oh Lana, why are you talking about this right now at Christmastime????? Don't even think about it until January---and then make it your New Year's Resolution....

    I have lost and gained weight all of my adult life... I gained this summer after my knee surgery --because of not being active... SO---I still need to get that off before more creeps on me!!!!!! Fun fun...

  12. LOL! I love puppy chow. It is some goooood stuff!

  13. I know...... I know.... reading and hanging out in blog world SERIOUSLY makes me hungry and drool.......



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